Darkness is Mine by Carla Robinson

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Blurb: One Friday afternoon, senior mining engineer Clay is investigating the safety of Blackwater Mine when he discovers a beautiful woman, dressed in white. Clay’s body is later discovered by the longwall crew, and his death is chalked up to natural circumstances.
However, a few weeks later, thirteen university students arrive, ready to tour the mine. When the cable to the dolly car breaks, it sends the group plummeting to the bottom of the pit.
Soon, it becomes clear that something supernatural is stalking the group, picking off students as its prey.
Trapped under two-hundred-and-fifty metres of stone, will anyone in the group be able to reach the top alive?

My thoughts: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author via Voracious Readers Only in exchange for an honest review.

I had high hopes for this book but it was filled repeatedly with too many political opinions. The author was constantly going off on tangents to speak about sexism and inequality for woman time and time again.
It seems all men are assholes in this book, and all men are righty’s were politics is concerned. It comes across like the author really hates men, and even through her characters (which are all from the views of women) she managed to make each one of them feel this way, to the point where if they liked a particular male (only the personality, never their looks) the character would be surprised at that.

‘He was just your average old white guy, who’d never stopped to consider that “young lady” was demeaning, designed often for men to scold women for behaving in a way they deemed inappropriately.’

Darkness is Mine (Carla Robinson)

If somebody called me young lady, I would not be offended. I don’t know if I just don’t get offended or whether the author gets offended by everything…

Nearly half way through the book and nothing much has happened. If this was a film, anything important that had happened so far in what I have read would happen in the first 10 minutes of the film.

There were sooooo many spelling mistakes, soooo many badly written sentences and lots of inconsistencies- for example…

‘There are no seatbelts, so don’t bother looking for them.’

Darkness is mine (Carla Robinson)

and then a couple of pages (if that) later…

‘Elodie felt her body lifting slightly out of the car, her thighs tugging against the seatbelt.’

Darkness is mine (Carla Robinson)

So which one was it? Seatbelts? No seatbelts? Who knows.

Another thing that stopped me from reading for a good hour whilst I tried to work this out, and asked my friends on Facebook about too (Math is NOT my strong point) is this little calculation….

‘They’d left with a group of sixteen, of which seven were dead. Yet there were nine people walking toward the exit’

Darkness is mine (Carla Robinson)

So, is my maths wrong…. you’d be left with 9 people if 7 died…. and if I’ve read this wrong then I apologise but maybe this needs to be explained better in the book because how the author has wrote this is that, if everything was hunky-dory there should only be 8 people walking towards the exit, right?

Two-thirds of the way through and the ‘monster’ which appeared at the start of the book has only just come in to the story again. I thought this would have been in the story throughout.

I think if we had taken all the political, anti male, I’m offended at everything snowflake crap out then the book would be 100 pages long… tops!

I really wouldn’t recommend this book.

3 thoughts on “Darkness is Mine by Carla Robinson

  1. Oh, wow … I love the ‘woman in white’ supernatural mythos, so when I read the blurb I was curious.

    But, after the magically appearing seatbelts and the fact that all characters have the same outlook on life (which basically is crap as, you give me a group of people and I assure you none would share completely same outlooks), I’m glad that you took this bullet instead of me 😂


    1. Hahaha. Well the thing that annoyed me as well is that at the beginning of the book the creature was a pretty, naked, vampire type woman and then when the group of people were trapped in the mine it ended up being some crazy mutated lizard type thing!

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