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A Cut Twice as Deep by Wendy L Anderson: A Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Blurb: The bond between sisters is one forged in blood and fire. Twin sisters, Liana and Deirdre were inseparable like the two halves of a double-bladed axe, making the pain of having to leave each other a cut twice as deep.

Their father, Gorsedd Gunnarson, King of the great country of Svartur Rokk, did not care about twin bonds or his daughter’s preferences and severed the pair with a single blow. Both Liana and Deirdre have been sold to the highest bidders for ships, weapons, and alliances.

For Gorsedd Gunnarson these are very profitable and advantageous marriage arrangements, but the twin sisters would be torn from each other lives and sent to lands far apart forever!

Liana is forced to leave her childhood sweetheart and marry a stranger. Sweet, timid Deirdre would be wed to a Viking warlord. One would leave her home on a ship and the other on a horse. Both would travel great distances to new lands.

Given no choice but to embrace the lives planned for them, they find that the future holds more than they could ever have suspected. In a land where blood and ice reign, danger and betrayal war with love and hope, as they fight to find happiness in a ruthless world ruled by the sword and axe.

My thoughts: I received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review. I believe this is the first ‘Viking Romance’ I have ever read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are not in to romance stories, I wouldn’t let the word ‘romance’ put you off, as it isn’t your usual type of ‘soppy’ and ‘cheesy’ romance, it’s more of a romance story you’d find in Game of Thrones or Vikings whilst still being all ‘Grrrr’ and ‘manly!’

A Cut Twice as Deep follows two beautiful twins, Diedre and Liana who are sold by their father to two men who rule their own kingdoms for Weapons and Ships. Liana, who is strong headed and speaks her mind is to be wed to Tiernan Lachlan of Lochlannach, and Diedre, who is quiet and sweet is to be wed to Kearn Mac An-Bharain of Noreg . This means that the twins, who love each other dearly and share a strong sisterly bond, are separated from each other.

Both of the twins are heartbroken and fear their futures. All they have to think about is what lies ahead for them whilst they travel to their to-be husbands. Liana travels by horse, Diedre by boat far away from the comfort of their twin. They are unsure if they will love their new husbands, or if they will end up being apart from each other in misery.

The story follows the twins separately for a while and is cleverly written so you follow Liana’s story with Tiernan all whilst wondering what is happening to Diedre. Then, just at the right time you then get to Diedre’s story. Further in to the book, when Liana and Diedre are captured (which was again, cleverly written and I don’t want to spoil to much of this for you future readers of this brilliance), the chapters take in turns following one set of characters at a time – this gives for good reading as it captivates the reader into continuing on. You want to find out what happens to said characters next and can’t help but continuing to use that untrue phrase: ‘just one more chapter’.

An enjoyable story with just the right amount of sex without it being a ‘not ANOTHER sex scene’ kind of book. The sex scenes are also part of the story in the sense that it helps tie in with the plot well and you see the love grow between the characters.

At certain times, I felt my heart racing as I knew something bad was going to happen and I wanted to scream at the characters to help them. I think this shows that Anderson has easily managed to develop a fantastic story line that engulfs the reader in to the story… so much so that when I gave myself 15 minutes to read, I ended up looking at the clock nearly 2 hours later!

In conclusion, you need to read this book.

Thank you for reading my review. Have you read this book? What did you think and who was your favourite character? Please comment below.

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