Anticipated Reads – April 2021

Just a quick blog to let you know what books I will be reading this month. These are reviews that have been requested by the Author’s plus books I have on my bookshelf too. I might not be able to read all of them this month as I’ve got work, uni and other things going on in my life, but all I can say is I’m definitely going to try.

Ulrik by Wendy L Anderson

A stand-a-lone book by the same author that brought us A Cut Twice as Deep, a book I thoroughly enjoyed.

Blurb: Drowning when his ship went down in a vicious storm, Ulrik the Viking thought it was the end. Instead, he awakens on a new and brutal Earth. Believing he was banished to this strange land by the gods as punishment, he faces the mountainous wilderness alone.

Tessa, a lonely and broken-hearted woman, dies in her sleep on her 85th birthday. She too awakens surrounded by the frightful and the unknown. Both are mysteriously thrown into new bodies facing new lives, new hopes, new dangers, and new desires.

Cast through time and other dimensions, fate has given Ulrik and Tessa a second chance at life and love. They must survive on a ruthless new world against a brutal warrior race determined to use them to conquer extinction and enter into the age of metal.  All that stands against them is ULRIK!

Of Demon Kind by Wendy L Anderson

Another book by the same author as above BUT it’s not just one book it’s a series of 5:

  1. Of Demon Kind
  2. Redemption of the Fallen
  3. Heirs of Jior
  4. Iron and the Arrow
  5. The Last Ny-Failen

Here is the blurb for the 1st book…

Blurb: Prince Lorn of Jior is the only one left in the evil empire called the Kingdom of Jior. King Kullorn, his father, was the epitome of evil. Together they led demon hordes reaping death and destruction. When Kullorn is killed, Lorn must face the aftermath of their defeat alone. Years later, Lorn is accused of following in his father’s footsteps and also of kidnapping the Princess Lililaira of Skoria. Forced out of hiding, Lorn must risk capture, imprisonment and death to find out who is using his father’s name to start another war. During an unplanned rescue of the Princess, Lorn is badly wounded and they must fight to remain together as he is healed by her, body, heart and soul. Creating a passionate bond, together they embark upon a journey to clear Lorn’s name and fend off the war that threatens them both.

God, Aliens, Death and Teapots by Andy Ritchie

This blurb made me laugh! I’m looking forward to the no doubt humerous story’s!

Blurb: An eclectic selection of seven short stories involving, as the title of the book suggests, God, Aliens, Death or Teapots. Oh, and there’s one about dogs as well…then again, come to think of it, two of them don’t really have God, aliens, Death or teapots in them at all. They’re more about space….
So a more apt title for this book could well be God, Aliens, Death, Dogs, General Space Stuff & Teapots.
Yeah, that just about sums it up (though it isn’t quite as catchy)

Thank you for reading. I am much looking forward to reading all of these but I realise I’ve got a lot to read within a month. I’m pretty confident and I can not wait!

Do any of these books stand out to you? Which do you want to read? Let me know in the comments.

Gee Liz ❤

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