Buzz Feed Quiz: How Obsessed Are You Actually?

I found this quiz through the Whispering Stories and I really enjoyed reading her answers.

So, this Buzzfeed quiz is about how obsessed with books I actually am. I think I’m pretty obsessed haha, so let’s see if Buzzfeed thinks I am actually obsessed with books or not. Here’s the link to the quiz.

Two bookcases actually. They used to be pretty neat but now I’m running out of room so there are quite a lot behind others.

Some movie adaptations are sensational e.g. Harry Potter and then others are absolutely horrendous e.g. A Simple Favour.

Last time I went on holiday I took 6 books and ended up bringing home around 20.

Last year I wasn’t in the right frame of mind but I used to read so many books, this year too I am smashing it.

I’ve actually pulled all nighters to finish a book!

I used to go to the library every Saturday when I was younger but I’ve not been to a library in years. I’ve got my own at home!

<– That’s the answer haha.

Probably more than three hours but I think an entire day is pushing it a bit far. Unless it has a café too, then yes… a full day easily!

I do this too much. I need to stop!

They need to make the smell in to a perfume… seriously!

Pre Covid of course 😦

It used to be the bottom answer, but if you switch to an e-book then you can carry on eating!

Why go to a party if you are just going to read?

Taking a book on a date – rude.

Taking a book to a concert? Too much noise!

I’ve met some of the greatest people I know through books.


I’d say I’m more obsessed than 72% but I suppose I do put a lot of things before books. Why don’t you take the quiz and let me know your score below!

Thanks for reading!

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