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Unboxed : A Box of Stories – April

I came across A Box of Stories through Facebook back in April 2020, when I was absolutely bored out of my mind due to being furloughed. The company wasn’t as big as it is now and they only had a few boxes to choose from; a Surprise Box of 4 Fiction Books (£14.99), a Surprise Box of 4 Mixed Fiction Books (£14.99), and I want to say a Crime, Thriller and Mystery Box of 4 Surprise Books (£21.99) though I’m not 100% on that one. Now however, they have all of those I’ve said above plus a Young Adult Box of 4 Surprise Books (£21.99), a Light Reads Box of 4 Surprise Books (£21.99) and a Historical Fiction Box of 4 Surprise Books (£21.99).

This is the what I got in my April Fiction Box.

The Secret Books by Marcel Theroux (RRP £8.99)

Blurb: A young man flees the drudgery of shopkeeping in Tsarist Russia to make a new life among the bohemians and revolutionaries of nineteenth-century Paris. Beginning a treacherous journey through a world of spies and double-cross, propaganda, lost love, and anti-Semitism, he enters a modern world where likes have the power of truth.

Based on real events, The Secret Books is at once a page-turning adventure and an examination o the stories that humans are willing to kill and to die for.

My thoughts: Meh…. doesn’t sound like my bag at all, but I’ll read it and hopefully be surprised.

Upstairs & Downstairs by Hiolda Newman (RRP £8.99).

Blurb: The year was 1935: the twilight of the English aristocracy. It was a time of wealth and glamour; of lavish balls and evening gowns; of tiaras and a coronation.

As personal maid to Lady Coventry, Hilda Newman had a unique insight into the leisured life of one of Britain’s most noble families. In her fascinating memoir of life upstairs and down, Hilda takes us back to this period between the wars; a gilded era which would soon be dramatically changed by the Second World War.

Transplanted from a tiny house with no bath or hot water to an eighteenth-century Neo-Palladian mansion, Hilda’s life changed beyond recognition. But in a time when the very foundations of British society were being shaken to their core, the luxurious life of the country nobility couldn’t last.

My thoughts: I think I will enjoy this book but it will depend on how it has been written. If it is like an auto-biography then I will struggle. I am getting Downton Abbey vibes from this and I love Downton Abbey. I hope this book doesn’t disappoint.

And When She Was Good by Laura Lippman (RRP £8.99).

Blurb: Heloise is a single mother, who runs her own business and keeps herself to herself.

But Heloise’s business is one that takes place in discreet hotel rooms. For the right money, she can be the woman of your dreams.

Now, after a decade, her secret life is under siege – her accountant is asking loaded questions. Her long-time protector is hinting at new dangers. Her employees can’t be trusted. With no real family or friends, how far will Heloise go to protect herself and her son?

My thoughts: This sounds great! I am really looking forward to reading this!

The Ghost Factory by Jenny McCartney (RRP £12.99).

Blurb: The Troubles turned Northern Ireland into a ghost factory: as manufacturing industries withered the death business boomed. In trying to come to terms with his father’s sudden death, and the paramilitary violence meted out to his friend Titch, Jacky is drawn to confront the bullies who still menace a city scarred by conflict. After he himself is attacked he flees to London to build a new life. But even in the midst of a burgeoning love affair he hears the ghosts of his past echoing, pulling him back to Belfast, crying out for retribution and justice.

My thoughts: Well, I’m not going to lie… when I read the title, I thought, WOW a book about making ghosts. I thought it would be about a factory where you take the dead body you want to turn in to a ghost and then, well, you turn it in to a ghost. How cool would that be? I don’t really have any feelings towards this book. It doesn’t sound good but it doesn’t sound terrible either. We will have to see.

This box cost me £14.24 (you get 5% discount if you set up a subscription) and the cost of the books totalled ££39.96 meaning a saving of £25.72. If you would like A Box of Stories for yourself, use this link for £4 off your first box –

What did you think of this selection? What book would you want to read the most out of these and which book would you want to read the least? Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Gee Liz ❤ x

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