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Surprise Book Drop – Ward’s Siren by Stephanie Hudson

I’ve been a fan of Stephanie Hudson’s work for a while now. I can’t say from the beginning, though I wish it was, but it’s been at least 7 years. It all started, like it does for so many other people, with them pesky (any by pesky, I mean insanely awesome) 99p daily deals on Amazon. I read the blurb of a book called Afterlife and I thought to myself, Wow, that sounds like my kinda book! So of course I pressed purchase and well, all you avid book readers, know the rest. I became obsessed.

I believe when I first started reading The Afterlife Saga, Hudson had released four books; Afterlife, The Two Kings, The Triple Goddess and The Quarter Moon. Astoundingly, within these last 7 years, not only has The Afterlife Saga continued and finished with a total of 12 books (and a forbidden chapters book), we’ve also managed to continue within the Afterlife world with 2 (soon to be 3) Young Adult Afterlife Academy books, 1 Kings of Afterlife book (with more on the way I believe), 2 Kings of Kings books , 12 books in the Transfusion Saga, 2 books to be released in June, another book to be released in August, AND NOW out of the blue a HUGE 22 book series with book one being released on MONDAY!!

I present….

Ward’s Siren

Blurb: Eden might have been named after the paradise her mother believed she grew up in… but she was far from that paradise now. No, thanks to her brother, she was more like up shit creek and without a paddle. The kind where hungry crocodiles were chasing after her, only these were armed with guns and sent by the leader of a drug cartel.

Yep, she was so screwed!

Well, that was until a handsome knight stopped to save her on the side of the road, and instead of finding her in a boat, it’s her broken heap of a car that’s one drive away from a junkyard’s resting place. However, the moment she speaks, the gorgeous mystery man, the one full of muscles and a dangerous edge to his voice, seems utterly transfixed by her and is soon intent on offering a lot more than just his help.

Eden has to admit, she is more than a little tempted to see what a night with Mr expensive car and sex on a stick would offer her. But then a quick reminder of her situation is enough to force herself to send her dream man on his way.

On his way to the notorious club Afterlife.

A place Eden was also on her way to, in hopes of gaining the help she knows she could find there. Because a powerful family owned the club… The Dravens.

However little does she know that Afterlife isn’t all it seems to be… as there is a lot more than alternative people all looking for a good time in a grand Gothic setting. Because the VIP holds more than the wealthy and the beautiful. It holds the world’s elite in power and unfortunately for naive little Eden, there is nothing human about it.

Oh, and as for her mystery man…He just so happens to be one of those elite powers, which means he too is far from human and he has his hungry gaze firmly set on one curvy little mortal. A delicious sight the darkness inside him demands he claim before she can escape him again…

His paradise.

His fated Siren.

I am super excited about this book, I just CAN NOT WAIT, and the fact that it is so unexpected makes me shiver with anticipation.


If so, then according to the Author Stephanie Hudson Official Fan Group on Facebook, all you have to do is join The Hudson Indie Ink Book Club and on this coming Monday there will be a link to get the book. There you can sign up to the newsletter, the first of which will be out in May.

THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS BOOK as it will not be available any other way, not will it be uploaded to ANY reading platform (such as kindle) until NEXT YEAR!

If you are a fellow book lover (which I suspect you are if you are reading a book blog) then The Hudson Indie Ink Book Club is a great place for you to receive offers on books from new authors, along with the chance to win prizes, involve yourself in book quizzes and interact with some fabulous Authors and a community of readers!

Now I’m going to keep myself busy so Monday comes along quicker!

Thank you once again for reading. I would just like to add that the promotion of The Hudson Indie Ink Book Club by myself is solely my decision and I have not been asked by the Book Club to promote them.

Will you be reading this book on Monday?

Thank you ❤ Gee Liz

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