Book Drops – The Vampire Protector and an Unnamed Release by Juliette N. Banks (and a free book too!)

Juliette N Banks, author of Paranormal Romance Novels, The Vampire King and The Vampire Prince dropped the news today that the latest in the series, The Vampire Protector is now with the editor and ready for release on the 6th July. Not only that, The Vampire Protector is now available for Pre-order here:

UK (£2.87): The Vampire Protector (Moretti Blood Brothers Book 3) eBook: Banks, Juliette N.: Kindle Store

US ($3.99): The Vampire Protector (Moretti Blood Brothers Book 3) – Kindle edition by Banks, Juliette N.. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @

Not only that, Banks also states that the fourth book in this series will be out later this year too!

I’ve not actually read this series yet, I’ve got a huge list of books I’ve been asked to review which obviously take precedence, but The Vampire King and the rest of the series are up there on my IRRWTRY list which stands for ‘I really, really want to read you’.

If you’ve not read The Vampire King yet it’s actually Free on Kindle at the moment! The links are just after the blurb.

Blurb: Will the vampire king fulfill his deadly promise to his queen?

Powerful vampire king, Francis Moretti, travels with his sons to the Yorkshire coast in 1891 where he’s confronted by one of the rebels of the race.

When Robert Russo throws down an official challenge for the throne, he is unconcerned. He knows his royal blood holds great potency and he will walk away unscathed. He’s more concerned about the promise he made to his queen nearly one thousand years ago. The deadline is drawing near and his sons, the Moretti princes, are unaware of the destiny about to catch up with them.

Brayden and Vincent Moretti are eager to return home to Castle Moretti, where the season is kicking off, and females are lining up to attend one of their infamous orgies. When the king shares his darkest secret, the two big alpha vampires are in shock. They now face one of the biggest decisions of their lives, that will change their future forever.

Can Francis follow through on the thousand-year promise, and will his son’s help him prove his love to his queen one last time?

The Vampire King is book one in the Moretti Blood Brothers series – a steamy new paranormal romance series filled with powerful alpha males and independent females who aren’t afraid to give them a run for their money.

Here are the links I promised you:

UK: The Vampire King (Moretti Blood Brothers Book 1) eBook: Banks, Juliette N.: Kindle Store

US: The Vampire King (Moretti Blood Brothers Book 1) – Kindle edition by Banks, Juliette N.. Romance Kindle eBooks @

I know this blog is full of exciting news but there’s more. Banks is also launching an Archangel series. At the moment none of the books have names but what we do know is that there are seven Archangels and therefore there will be seven books. Banks states that the first will be about Archangel Michael.

“He’s the alpha of all alphas, and when he meets human, Sara, she turns his entire universe upside down. Along with the rest of the Archangels. It’s beyond hot and steamy so prepare yourselves”

– Juliette N. Banks

This book will be out before the end of the year and you can stay up to date with how it’s going, as well as for sneaky chapters and the cover as Bank’s progresses by following her Facebook group here:

(1) Author Juliette Banks Readers Group | Facebook

What do you all think readers? Are you going to give them a read? Let me know what you think about them.

As always, thanks again for reading!

Gee Liz Reads ❤

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