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Of Demon Kind by Wendy L. Anderson: A Book Review

(#1 in the Kingdom of Jior Series)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Blurb: Prince Lorn of Jior is the only one left in the evil empire called the Kingdom of Jior. King Kullorn, his father, was the epitome of evil. Together they led demon hordes reaping death and destruction. When Kullorn is killed, Lorn must face the aftermath of their defeat alone. Years later, Lorn is accused of following in his father’s footsteps and also of kidnapping the Princess Lililaira of Skoria. Forced out of hiding, Lorn must risk capture, imprisonment and death to find out who is using his father’s name to start another war. During an unplanned rescue of the Princess, Lorn is badly wounded and they must fight to remain together as he is healed by her, body, heart and soul. Creating a passionate bond, together they embark upon a journey to clear Lorn’s name and fend off the war that threatens them both.

My thoughts: This book was gifted to me for an honest review. It is the 3rd book by Wendy L. Anderson I have had the pleasure of reading, and yet again I am not left disappointed. Of Demon Kind is actually the first book written by Wendy L. Anderson and is the first book of a six book series, of which I am looking forward to devouring.

Of Demon Kind follows Prince Lorn of Jior, a Demon who is at first presented to us in his empty castle a few years after his evil father King Kullorn was defeated at war. His one remaining servant, Lan-loe, brings terrible news to his Prince; news of lies and rumours in which the Prince is being held accountable for destruction across the lands of Vedt and the kidnapping of Princess Lililaria, the beautiful daughter of King Koran of Skoria.

Prince Lorn ventures out to search for the perpetrator and to clear his name but ends up on a great adventure where he finds out who is causing the destruction, rescues Princess Lililaria, but becomes extremely wounded. From here the romance between Princess Lililaria and Prince Lorn evolves and this romance creates and builds other plots within the story which end in war between good and evil.

Prince Lorn is a really strong character who grew on me as I continued to read and then I absolutely fell in love with him. Princess Lililaria was a character who I adored straight from the off and I feel I would be friends with her in real life. I love how their relationship builds throughout the story. Throughout the novel, there are more characters introduced and some of these are very strong side characters. Sorrell, for example, is a character I would like to read more about. Possibly a novel of his own about his history or a series on his own adventures.

The novel concludes well with all questions answered and everything wrapped up nicely, and then, showing her own evil side (haha) she decides to throw a cliffhanger in to the mix. The cliffhanger opens the way nicely to the next book which I can not wait to get started on.

From this book I definitely got The Lord of The Rings vibes with the Battle of Helms Deep being at the forefront of my mind during the battle that concludes this novel. The world of Vedt that Anderson has created reminds me also of The Lord of The Rings type of landscapes with open valleys and dense woods, deep caves and large castles. I would love to know if somewhere in the real world gave the author inspiration for this beautiful world she has created as I would love to visit these places.

The romance in this book is enjoyable but I felt that there were slightly too many love scenes though not enough to put me off continuing to read and I think it was important to show the bond between the two characters grow. I do think that the fantasy and romance genres go well together and the author really does have exceptional talent in writing ‘Romtasy’ (I’m not sure how I feel about that portmanteau…).

This book, along with the other two books I have read by Wendy L. Anderson, are genuinely some of the best work I have ever read and I look forward to reading more of her work hopefully for years to come.

Of Demon Kind is available in the UK for just:

77p on Kindle here: Of Demon Kind: Book One in the Kingdom of Jior Series (Kingdom of Jior Fantasy Series 1) eBook: Anderson, Wendy L.: Kindle Store

99p on Audible (with a membership) here: Of Demon Kind: Book One in the Kingdom of Jior Series Kingdom of Jior Fantasy Series (Audio Download): Wendy L. Anderson, Adriel Brandt, Wendy L Anderson: Audible Audiobooks

£13.17 on Paperback here:

For the US you can buy Of Demon Kind for just:

$1.07 on Kindle here:

For free on Audible (with a membership) here:

$15.95 on Paperback here:

Thank you for reading

Gee Liz Reads ❤

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