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The Phone Box Library Adventures: Cheshire

It was my 30th Birthday yesterday so I booked this week off work. I was meant to be going to Spain but you know… Covid. Anyway, my friend and I decided to visit some Phone Box Libraries so we stayed close to home and visited the ones around Cheshire. Here’s our adventure…

1st Stop – Cotebrook, Tarporley

With this being our first stop, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed as we pulled up to this very run down phone box. I was expected bright red, fresh paint, clean windows and neat bookshelves. Instead we were welcomed by flaking paint, weeds and spiders webs. I didn’t go in to the box properly as I didn’t fancy any spiders jumping on me. Neither of us fancied any of the books so we decided to move on to the next one.

2nd Stop – Crowton, Northwich

After a slight detour to empty my friends extremely small bladder, we ended up in an absolutely stunning village that goes by the name of Crowton. Spotted by my friend who shouted ‘Ooo, ooo, ooo!’ in delight, The phone box lives on a corner. In my excitement, I hastily swerved on to the pavement and parked pretty darn close to the phone box library. I was delighted to see bright red paint, neat shelves and clean windows here – this is what all book boxes should look like.

I was tempted by a few books here but they were damaged and I only like books that look new. My friend swapped some books here and she donated some extra ones too to fill the gaps. We hopped back into the car and set off for our next destination.

3rd Stop – Comberbach Post Office

Silly me didn’t take a photo of inside and I can’t upload a video my friend took of inside because I can’t afford premium for this website lol. So yeah, this isn’t exactly a book box but I thought it was cute that a Post office had a book swap in it. There were a good selection of books here – I would say at least 100 books and I ended up swapping three books here and my friend got a few too. The disappointing thing about this place however was the woman working there. She was rather rude and didn’t make us feel welcome at all. She didn’t seem happy that we were there just for the books though we were not making a mess and were very quiet. We decided it might help if we bought something from the shop but then she was rude again when she decided to comment on me paying her £1.90 (a crunchie ice cream) in change (£1 coin and the rest in 20p’s, 10p’s and 5p’s). Just rude.

Anyway, we headed back to the car feeling slightly deflated but we decided not to let one rude person ruin our day. So with that in mind we headed to our next destination.

4th Stop – Great Budworth

Our next stop was a place called Great Budworth. As we approached, I thought it all looked so pretty. Then, we reached the phone box and again, I thought it was promising. The paint was still quite a vibrant red, the windows were clean, but then we opened the door. I looked up and there was a humongous spider which would have been directly above our heads if we had stepped inside the box, so of course we stayed outside. The books in the boxes on the floor were mouldy but the books on the shelves themselves were fine. I ended up swapping a couple of books here but overall was again disappointed at the lack of care there seems to be for the box as well as the books.

Our next destination was Lach Dennis, but we ended up detouring quite significantly here.


Driving around looking for toilets again and my friend starts freaking out. Something about a milkshake farm. We turn around in a not so safe area and we get a lot of angry car drivers waiting for me to finish my manoeuvre before heading back to see what all the fuss was about. It seems that a farm had come out with a pretty amazing idea to have a ‘Milkbot’ where members of the public could make their own milkshake.

There were plenty of flavours to choose from and it only costs £1.50 (and that includes the bottle). You can pay via card for the bottle and flavour, and card or cash for the milk – but let me warn you it doesn’t take 1p’s, 2p’s or 5p’s.

Still in need of a toilet, we continued towards our next destination of Lach Dennis but with a slight detour into Northwich centre to find a toilet. The Sat-Nav was doing my bloody head in to the point where we ended up going round London Road at least three times and for some reason we ended up making up our own lyrics at this point to the Song Here I go again on my own by Whitesnake.

Here we go again London Road
Goin' round the only road we'll ever know.
Like a tourist I was forced to drive this road.
And I've made up my mind,
I ain't wasting no more time.


We finally got to the car park we needed to park in so we could then find the toilets, park the car…badly, go to the pay and display, get my card out to pay… wait a minute? Where’s my card? Ah yes, on top of the Milk Bot machine back at the farm – 15 minutes drive away. Back in the car, my friends bladder will have to wait. Call up the farm and the lovely farmer goes and gets my card for me and keeps it safe till I arrive. Little gem!

Back in the car and we decided, lets just head to our next book box because their might be a toilet near there.

5th Stop – Lach Dennis, Northwich

We reached Lach Dennis Book Box and unfortunately it was really run down. There weren’t any books we wanted to swap here either. The box is actually next to a Pub called something like Cheshire Grill so, seeing as my friend was about to pee herself we decided to go and eat there hoping it wasn’t too expensive. The food was absolutely amazing, the service was great and it was just a really nice place in general. The mac and cheese was just perfection and the chocolate torte was out of this world though I recommend you ask for the mango sorbet instead of the champagne sorbet – trust me!

So after this we decided to go to our final destination as I had to get back home to the doggo’s. We travelled 32 minutes to Timbersbrook, Congleton just to find that the phone box was NOT a book box but a defibrillator box instead. Google lied to us. We headed home and that was the end of our adventure.

All in all, it was a fantastic day but I would say it’s more so because of great company and lush food than the book boxes. If I had decided to do this adventure by myself, I probably would have stopped 2 or 3 book boxes in.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog. I know it’s different to what I usually post.

Thanks for reading.

Gee Liz Reads ❤

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