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Heirs of Jior by Wendy L. Anderson: A Book Review

(#3 in the Kingdom of Jior Series)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Blurb: Princess Lyra Song, young and beautiful, stepping into maturity, pursues her hopes and dreams endeavoring to explore a betrothal with the Heir of Krickgold. However, when she is mistaken for a witch by a Lord from a neighboring country, her dreams are dangerously interrupted. Waylaid, taken prisoner and thrown into an iron cage, the delicate Princess of Jior is charged with a crime she didn’t commit and she must do whatever it takes to escape or be wrongfully executed.

Prince Vannier of Jior, known as Little Wing, has been devastated by what happened to his sister Lyra Song, but life must go on and he goes forward with his plan to marry his childhood love. The day of the wedding ceremony he finds his betrothed with another man and now he must face devastating reality and some difficult choices. When his younger brother Dark Star goes missing, Vannier must set aside his own problems to go into the Violent Mountains and find who has taken his little brother. Amidst the turmoil of the hunt, Vannier must face danger, loss, and possible heartbreak.

Dark Star, the youngest Prince of Jior, has been changed forever by the events of his capture and he remains troubled and unable to find peace. A mysterious compelling draws him away from the safety of his home and family. He sets off on his own to investigate and finds a black castle and a beautiful sorceress in dire need of his help. Dark Star must face a demon from the Hells to free them both.

My thoughts: This book was gifted to me for an honest review. It is now the 5th book by Wendy L. Anderson I have had the pleasure of reading, and like I said before, I am not left disappointed. Heirs of Jior is the third of a five book series, a series I will definitely be continuing with.

I have a slight problem. If I’ve given Book 2 a 5 stars out of 5 stars review, and Book 3 is somehow better than Book 2, then what rating do I give Book 3? 6 out of 5 stars? To be honest it deserves more than 6 out of 5 stars – it was absolutely incredible.

Heirs of Jior covers the three Heirs of Jior; Lyra Song, Little Wing and Dark Star. It is broken down in to three novella’s in which each Heir finds their mate. I wish I could talk about each and everyone in detail as I am so enveloped in the characters and their stories that I could possibly write a 30,000 word dissertation on it. Going in to that much detail would be spoiler alert x a billion, so I guess I’m going to have to keep this review relatively brief. Though, I think my friends and partner are fed up of me as I just keep talking about these books constantly.

If I was asked to choose which Novella I liked most out of the three, I don’t think I could choose. They were all completely different but all equally amazing. You learn so much more about these characters, their traits and personalities, and you just can not help but love them and be there with them on their journey.

Everything in this book is absolutely brilliant and well thought out – the new characters, the scenes, the story-line, the character development – I could go on but you get the picture. Also, each time I had a question, it was always answered which I think is just fantastic attention to detail when it comes to an author writing their work.

I was reading Heirs of Jior on my phone and unfortunately my phone stopped working. It was horrid. Not just because I had no phone but I just had to get back to the characters and see what was going on and how they were getting along. I ended up borrowing a phone of my friend and using my partner’s ipad when I could so that I could continue reading. I’ve not been that engrossed in a book in absolute years. I felt like I had withdrawal symptoms. It took me 8 days to complete this book but actually, if I had had my phone it would have taken me less than 3. I was and am obsessed!

This book, along with the other books I have read by Wendy L. Anderson, are genuinely some of the best work I have ever read and I look forward to reading more of her work hopefully for years to come.

I’m writing this on my dinner break on a Friday before going back to work and finishing at 7pm. I’ve got an extremely busy weekend but I’m already planning my time to get as much reading in as possible. I can not wait to devour the next book!

Heirs of Jior is available in the UK for just:

£2.20 on Kindle here: Heirs of Jior: Book Three in the Kingdom of Jior Series (Kingdom of Jior Fantasy Series 3) eBook: Anderson, Wendy L. : Kindle Store

£7.36 on Paperback here: Heirs of Jior: Book Three in the Kingdom of Jior Series: Anderson, Wendy L: 9781977209986: Books

For the US you can buy Heirs of Jior for just:

$2.99 on Kindle here: Heirs of Jior: Book Three in the Kingdom of Jior Series (Kingdom of Jior Fantasy Series 3) eBook: Anderson, Wendy L. : Kindle Store

$15.95 on Paperback here: Heirs of Jior: Book Three in the Kingdom of Jior Series (Kingdom of Jior Fantasy Series): Anderson, Wendy L.: 9781644562550: Books

Thank you for reading

Gee Liz Reads ❤

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