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The Book That THEY Do Not Want You To Read (Part 1) by Andrew Ritchie: A Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Blurb: Jethro Postlethwaite had never kept a diary before.
Then again, he’d never been kidnapped, locked in a dark cell and tortured before.
And he’d never experienced someone else’s memories…
…or had nanites injected into his eyes…
…and then there was the fact that he’d uncovered the truth about the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet…
…oh, of course, there was the little matter of being on the run from THEM…
…in a camper van.
And he’d never been to Peterhead.
So keeping a diary seemed like a pretty good idea…just like giving a lift to an alien did…

My Thoughts: I received a free copy of TBTTDNWYTR Part 1 for an honest review. I also want to give you a heads up that Andrew Ritchie is actually my Uncle. My real uncle that is, not one of my parents friends who are not related AT ALL yet they, and your parents for that matter, insist that you call them Aunty or Uncle. I’ve told said Uncle that I’m going to be brutally honest when it comes to reading his books (which I always am whether anybody likes it or not) and, if I do insult him then future family gatherings may certainly be awkward for him but not at all for me.

The good news is… THIS BOOK IS ACTUALLY AMAZING, so family gatherings will continue to be free of any awkwardness (between myself and my Uncle at the very least anyway). Now, this isn’t the genre of book I would usually read but that’s why I do what I do, so then I can read and fall in love with new genre’s of books. First of all, it’s written in sort of a diary style format (you’ll understand ‘sort of’ when you read the book). It’s difficult to describe the genre of this book though. It is Sci-fi because, helloooo Aliens! but that’s really where the sci-fi stops as it is very much set on Planet Earth and is actually a really believable story; unlike most Sci-fi novels. Then I would say it’s got a bit of a kick to it like a thriller because helloooo adrenaline rush, holding my breath, anxiety butterflies, getaways, guns and torture AND, I would also categorise TBTTDNWYTR under classic British Comedy because boy oh boy, this book did have me in stitches at times.

I love that this book is set in England too as I read so many books that are set in America. Nothing wrong with America of course but seeing as I’m English and I live in England I relate a lot. For example, the book is set in my home town and parts are set in Manchester too so I know exactly where the characters are and can see it playing like a movie in front of my eyes. I also love how typically British the main character, Jethro Postlethwaite is – tea, biscuits, saying he’s fine when he really isn’t.

The clever thing is, Jethro is technically the author of this diary, it is just his friend Andy Ritchie who collates his work into something that makes sense. Jethro is a very real, very mundane character who a lot of people can probably relate to (no offence) but his mundane life changes dramatically when he decides to temporarily house the alien that just landed from outer space. Tukaal is the Alien in the story and I’m glad that his description resembles more of a The Rock / Vin Diesel kind of look compared to that of E.T or the extremely scary Aliens from the film Signs. He is such a likable character from the get go and I really enjoyed learning about is alien abilities as well as enjoying his character development as well as Jethro’s.

The story is realistic, funny, exciting and interesting but most importantly, it isn’t over. The abrupt ending of part one means I just HAVE to read part two and find out what happens to JP and Tukaal. The only worry I have is that Uncle Andy has acquired a 5 star review from part one and I just don’t know how it is possible for part two to be better. I mean is the sequel ever better? I can’t wait to find out!

If you are in the UK this book is available here for either Free on Kindle Unlimited or £2.08 on Kindle: The Book That THEY Do Not Want You To Read Part 1 eBook : Ritchie, Andy: Kindle Store

If you are not in the UK I think you may still be able to purchase it from the above link but I may be wrong. Please let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading.

Gee Liz Reads ❤

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