Holiday Books: What shall I read in Scotland?

I’m going to Scotland tomorrow! So excited! We are travelling the west coast this time so it’s going to take about a 10 hour drive to our first destination, Loch Shiel, and then after a night there, it’s gonna take another 10-12 hours to get to our final destination (not the movie), Thurso. Extremely excited! However, the most important thing is…. what books am I going to take on this journey. I need enough for the car ride (though to read in the car I will definitely need some travel sickness meds), and I need enough to read whilst I’m there and then obviously for the 12 hour drive back. I’d rather take too many than too little. So I’m going to take all of these:

The Book That THEY Do Not Want You To Read (Part 3) by Andy Ritchie

This is the last book of the series I need to read. I wish that I had managed to read this before going on holiday as it has been on my mind constantly since reading part 2 but I’ve just not had time.

God, Aliens, Death and Teapots by Andy Ritchie

Another book, and the final book of Andy Ritchie’s that I need (and want) to read. Just the blurb for this book makes me laugh – An eclectic selection of seven short stories involving, as the title of the book suggests, God, Aliens, Death or Teapots. Oh, and there’s one about dogs as well…then again, come to think of it, two of them don’t really have God, aliens, Death or teapots in them at all. They’re more about space….
So a more apt title for this book could well be God, Aliens, Death, Dogs, General Space Stuff & Teapots.
Yeah, that just about sums it up (though it isn’t quite as catchy). (less)

Ecclesia’s Table by Mason S Haynie

Another book I’ve been asked to review. I love the cover of this book and from reading the blurb it does sound like a very exciting book that is right up my street. It comes under the dystopian science fiction genre.

Early Retirement by Luke Ethan Knight

This is a short story I have been asked to review. It’s a horror which I don’t do well with when it comes to movies but I’ve read a couple of horror books and found that I quite enjoy them. I think this was only take me a few hours / half a day to read.

Weatherman by Price Doom

Another book I’ve been asked to review. Slightly confused on the genre of this book but I’ll soon find out when I start reading. According to some Goodread reviews there are quite a few Trigger warnings which I am fine with but I’ll need to be in the right frame of mind for this one.

Eyes by Nghịch Tử

Another book I’ve been asked to review. This has actually been translated from it’s original language of Vietnamese (I think). I hope the translation is done well else I will struggle with this one. It has been described as Spirited Away meets Coraline.

Killing the Reapers by Jeff Debing

A book that I’ve been asked to review, I automatically want to be critical just because of the book cover. However, don’t they (and I’m not talking about THEY from The Book THEY Do Not Want You To Read’) always say ‘DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER’. So I won’t.

Don’t Date the Haunted by C. Rae D’Arc

This is the 1st book of a series so I might save this until last just in case I love it and want to carry the series on uninterrupted. It has been described as a quirky romance / dark comedy.

Song of Echoes by R.E. Palmer

This is book one of a series but the others are not out yet. I have been asked to review this and it is classed as an Epic Fantasy novel. It definitely sounds right up my street. Looking forward to reading and reviewing it.

The Never Dawn Trilogy by R.E. Palmer

This is a Dystopian Fantasy trilogy I’ve been asked to review. It is classed as Young Adult which I haven’t read in such a long time so it might be fun to get back in to my once upon a time favourite genre.

Comagique (Azmodia’s Liege) by Justin Ketter

Yet another book I’ve been asked to review. I love the cover! Looking forward to this one just from the cover alone.

Bloody Spade by Brittany M. Willows

The first of a Duology, though the second his not out yet. This is classed as a Fantasy LGBT novel. I don’t think I’ve ever read an LGBT novel, so I’m very much looking forward to it.

The Cradle by Ron Sami

Yet another book I’ve been asked to review. The Cradle is the first book of a Duology (so far) but who knows if it will be expanded. I’ve not been asked to read book 2 but naturally if I enjoy the first then I will continue with the next book. I’m getting a Game of Thrones feeling with this one.

Always Beside You by Damir Salkovic

Well this cover looks creepy as F. This has been described as a haunting supernatural thriller. I’m not going to be reading this at night I’ll tell you that for free!

Ok, so that’s 16 books. That’s a lot I’ve got to admit but I’m going to try my very best to get as many of them read as possible, all whilst enjoying my much needed and much deserved holiday.

Thanks for reading!

Gee Liz Reads ❤

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