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God, Aliens, Death & Teapots by Andrew Ritchie: A Book Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Blurb: An eclectic selection of seven short stories involving, as the title of the book suggests, God, Aliens, Death or Teapots. Oh, and there’s one about dogs as well…then again, come to think of it, two of them don’t really have God, aliens, Death or teapots in them at all. They’re more about space….
So a more apt title for this book could well be God, Aliens, Death, Dogs, General Space Stuff & Teapots.
Yeah, that just about sums it up (though it isn’t quite as catchy).

My Thoughts: I received a free copy of God, Aliens, Death and Teapots for an honest review. As I said in my previous reviews of Andy Ritchie’s books, Andrew Ritchie is my Uncle but that doesn’t change how I review his work – if it’s crap then I will say so!

This was a fantastic book containing 7 short stories which I have decided to name below and give my views on each.

  1. Why Pandas Look So Sad – Very random. It is about Panda’s but not about Panda’s at the same time. It’s very clever actually and this story made me want to continue reading the other short stories.
  2. The Man That God Forgot – A brilliant story that sent shivers down my spine at the thought of this happening to me, though I would act differently than the man in this story. I will note that there are a few potential triggers in this story specifically animal cruelty and suicidal thoughts.
  3. Wrong Time, Wrong Place – Yet another fantastic read. It was quite sad though and makes you think.
  4. The Teapots Are Coming – A very short story but it made me want a full novel / movie. I wanted a lot more backstory and to see what the outcome is too!
  5. Notice of Sale – Another clever story and I actually learnt a lot about Earth in an interesting way.
  6. Dies Caniculares – Now this one was phenomenal and at times I found I was forgetting to breath. After this one I had to have a few minutes to think of having to live through something like this and it just made me go and cuddle my dogs for a while (whether they liked it or not). Don’t take your dogs for granted people! Trigger warning with this one – Animal Cruelty (but a phenomenal and realistic read).
  7. SoRaMA – Probably my least favourite of all the stories but still a cracker.

These are the first short stories I have read as I’ve never really been interested in them. How can you tell a story in just a few pages? Well in fact, you can, and now I want to read more.

I would highly recommend this book of short stories for everybody to read. The ONLY reason I’m giving 4.5 stars instead of 5 is down to my own personal opinion of animal cruelty being in the books I read. I personally get really affected by this sort of stuff but unlike some books I have read and marked harshly for this, there are REASONS why the animal cruelty takes place and therefore does add to the story. Unlike other books where the animal cruelty is there and if you had taken it out of the story, then the story would have been the exact same. I also actually really enjoyed the stories even though they contained the cruelty – I hope this makes sense and I hope you all understand my justification.

If you are in the UK this book is available here for either Free on Kindle Unlimited or £2.10 on Kindle: God, Aliens, Death & Teapots eBook : Ritchie, Andrew: Kindle Store

If you are not in the UK I think you may still be able to purchase it from the above link but I may be wrong. Please let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading.

Gee Liz Reads ❤

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