Ecclesia’s Table by Mason S Haynie: A Book Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Blurb: The world is a wasteland. It always has been. Moshe, Amaru, and Reenu have never known anything other than the desert wasteland that raised them. When the rumor arises that something other than barren landscape could be out there, the three of them make haste for an abundant future. Upon arrival at this established society, the group quickly learns how and how not to get along amidst group dynamics and seemingly sinister mystery. The trials and social politics that Moshe, Amaru, and Reenu face teach them that some rules are useful and some are meant to be broken. Have a seat at Ecclesia’s Table.

My thoughts: Ecclesia’s table is a dystopian novel that actually took me over a month to read which is a very long time for me to spend on a book. I’m really conflicted with this one because I thought it was an absolutely brilliant storyline but it took me so long to get through it that I didn’t feel 100% invested in the novel and lots of little bits that annoyed me about the book just decided to hover constantly in my mind. I think the easiest way to explain my thoughts on Ecclesia’s table is to divide this review in to positive parts and negative parts.


  • Cover – the cover of this book is really beautiful. I believe it was his friend, Rosalie N Aranda, who created this cover and I absolutely love that Haynie has acknowledged his friend both in the book and on Goodreads.
  • Acknowledgements – Talking about acknowledging his artistic friend, Haynie has dedicated a number of pages in Ecclesia’s Table to thank friends, family and fans that helped him along the way. It looks like he hasn’t forgot anybody. I love it.
  • LGBTQ+ inclusivity – I love Haynie’s has included an array of characters in this world. The use of pronouns ‘them/they’ is something I’ve not seen in a book before and I admire Haynie for this.
  • The story / world-building – Overall this was a very good story especially the build up. I was disappointed towards the end but I will bring this up later. The world building was phenomenal; I felt like I was there sometimes and could see it with my own eyes. I feel like I could draw Ecclesia and it’s surrounding areas on a map from the description. Even now, after reading it, I feel I could do it from memory. Very impressive.
  • The characters – The three main characters each have their very own personalities and what I loved is that I could see myself in most of them but especially Moshe. Moshe is more so your leader out of the group but has the tendency to be stubborn and a bit selfish. I love that he’s not perfect, none of the characters are and this is what makes it a more believable story. Amaru is hot headed and likes to ‘do’ first then think later where as Reenu is a bit, how do I describe him…that’s difficult really. At first, I think he is a bit of a wimp, a bit of a wet lettuce if you will and you think that he’s probably the weakest of the three characters both physically and mentally, and probably the most forgettable from a readers view. However, when you actually get in to the story, Reenu is the best character. He’s the most loyal, the most analytical, and the bravest really. You’ll see why if you read the book.


  • The chapters are UNBELIEVABLY long. This was a really big one for me as it wasn’t something I could just read quickly e.g. a quick chapter before work; a quick chapter before bed. I had to set a lot of time aside. I know this doesn’t work for a lot of people unfortunately and I think one of the most important things is shortening your chapters in a book. I probably could have read this in less than a week with shorter chapters.
  • When a character had a thought the sentence would literally just stop mid-sentence, the characters thought would be written and then the sentence would carry on. It happened throughout the entire book and I just didn’t get used to it E.g. Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces
    *What the hell was that noise? Was it behind me or to the side of me?
    pass and I’m homebound.
  • 5 of the main characters had names beginning with A: Abigail, Amaru, Arah, Ambree, Adinah. I personally struggled with this.
  • I became confused towards the end with how technologically advanced the Ecclesian world is. In my eyes it was before electricity and other technology like that but yet they had a microphone which when you pressed the button it started to work. If there is a microphone that works like that and doesn’t require relatively new technology then please let me know so I can update this review.
  • Finally, throughout the book and particularly at the end, a big villain of the characters were wolves. Now, I’ve studied wolves, a lot. I did my masters dissertation on how the media portrays wolves and how this affects peoples perceptions on wolves. This book does not give wolves a good name. I’m not saying wolves are lovely creatures but wolves do not pack together and hunt people down like they do in the books. They are actually very much ‘flight’ animals and not ‘fight’ animals. They would also not kill somebody and then leave the body to then continue to chase somebody else down and kill them. Once they have ate their meal, they are done.

I’ve decided to give this book a 3 out of 5. This is a good rating as it is higher than ‘average’ or 2.5/5. It was really difficult to rate this book. As I said, I really did enjoy it and that’s why I have given it 3 stars but the negative’s were quite big negatives for me and that’s why I’ve taken the two stars.

This book is actually free on Kindle Unlimited! I can’t seem to find it on the US Amazon so please comment below if you can!

Uk –

Thanks for reading!

Gee Liz Reads ❤

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