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Don’t Date the Haunted by C. Rae D’Arc : A Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Blurb: Does the heart beat faster from love or terror?

As a born-and-raised citizen of Horror, Pansy Finster has survived Hauntings such as mad killers and poltergeists by living her brother’s rules, including, “Avoid dolls, clowns, and masks.” But after the death of her fiancé, Pansy finds herself alone—which is a dangerous status in Horror. When she flees to Heartford, Romance, she’s startled that a masquerade has Regency ladies screaming… in excitement.

Culture-shocked, Pansy struggles to avoid any ill omens, such as repeated glances from the curiously handsome Lord Theo, from Fantasy. With a seemingly useless magical ability, he could be the Romance Pansy never knew she needed… or her most deceitful Haunting yet. Pansy must learn to love like a Romantic and teach her new friends to survive like a Horror before the masquerade becomes a massacre.

Follow Pansy Finster’s hauntings and romance in “Don’t Date the Haunted,” first book of the Haunted Romance trilogy, by C Rae D’Arc. If you like Seth Grahame-Smith, Isaac Marion or Christopher Moore, then this dark romantic comedy will keep you up! Don’t forget; it’s never just a power-outage. 

My thoughts: Don’t Date the Haunted exceeded my expectations in every way. I was excited to read it based on the blurb so I happily accepted the invitation to review it; I just didn’t think it was going to be THIS good.

The concept is original and just mind blowing really. Even just 10% in to this book I was telling everybody about it. Just think of Earth and it’s continents but call Earth Novel, and call, let’s say the continent of North America Romance, with Canada possibly being Contemporary Romance. Then lets call the continent of Europe Horror, the continent of Africa Mystery…. you get the picture. Each continent is a genre!

Obviously just from learning this, I was invested. Like, who comes up with something like that? A bloody good author that’s who. The character’s didn’t disappoint either! The main character is Pansy Finster. She is from Horror but after a certain tragic event she decides to get out of Horror and heads for Romance.
Pansy is somebody who I would describe as anxious, nervous, paranoid and quirky but I can totally understand why seeing as she lived in a place where zombie plagues are the norm *shudders*. I hate zombies.
You then meet the Romantic’s. I would describe most of these people as your typical Hallmark cheese-induced ‘cheer-leader’ types but then you’ve also got some from other types of Romance such as Regency Romance as well. Then you’ve got those from Fantasy, mainly lords who, back in their country, would be fighting Dragon’s or on some sort of quest. Other characters from different genres are also introduced throughout the book and I just love that each of them as such a solid personality that you know and remember where they are from.

Throughout the book we follow Pansy and her new life in Romance. She attends University there and makes lots of friends with a variety of people from all genre’s. A love interest develops the story further mixed in with a mysterious detective and a haunting from her past. The story is gripping and ensures you continue to turn the page.

I would highly recommend this book and the bonus is, it’s actually a completed trilogy. I haven’t read the 2nd or 3rd book yet but they have been added to my TBR pile and moved high up the list. I need to know what happens next and if these books are anything like this one, the trilogy could be sitting on my ‘Best Books I’ve Ever Read’ shelf.

Don’t Date the Haunted is available on Amazon UK for free on Kindle Unlimited or on Kindle for £2.17 here –

or you can purchase it on Paperback here for £7.38 –

It is also available on Amazon US for free on Kindle Unlimited here or for $2.99 –

and on Paperback here for $9.99 –

Thanks again for reading.

Gee Liz ❤

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