Adored by Harrison by A.J. Alexander: A Book Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Blurb: I’ve known Whitney Paige since the day she was born, but now she is all grown up.
Gone was the little girl I always knew, replaced by a woman who now, after one fateful night, consumes my soul.
For three long years, I’ve pushed her away, but now, it’s time to make her mine.

I’ve been in love with Harrison Kane since before I was old enough to understand what love was.
I tried to forget him after our near kiss.
But nothing worked, because no one else could ever measure up to him.
There’s just one small problem…
He’s my dad’s best friend.

My thoughts: I downloaded this book for free with around 300 other books when there was a mega promo deal on.
This is a very short story which I read in just under an hour. It follows the story of Whitney, a new grad and Harrison, a firefighter. The only problem is Harrison is Whitney’s father’s best friend.

I struggled within the first couple of pages with this novella, mainly with the dialogue. I just felt that some of the things they said to each other wouldn’t be said in real life e.g.

” “I’ve seen you watching me all day, Harrison. I can feel your gaze roaming over my body,” she purrs as she saunters toward me.”

With this story being a novella, there is no build up to the ‘steamy parts’, so if you aren’t in the mood for a slow-burner then this novella is for you. I read it in one sitting and it is good enough that it keeps you turning the page the whole time.

Personally, I thought it was odd that Whitney’s mother was ok with the relationship and pushed for it to happen. Furthermore, her father wasn’t too pleased when he found out but I was surprised at how quickly he accepted it. If I ended up in a relationship with one of my father’s friends (not that I want to because none of them meet the description of Harrison), then I think my father would provably try to commit murder and my mother would not be a happy bunny either. However, according to this story, it seems like Whitney’s mum and dad are similar to Whitney and Harrison in the sense that there is a big age gap between them too and they are also in to the ‘Daddy – baby girl’ kink too.

Yes, I didn’t mention that before did I. Harrison is a dom and Whitney a sub, which she seems happy with straight away. She calls him Daddy and he calls her baby girl. I personally am not in to this kink so it dampened (perhaps the wrong word for this genre) the mood for me significantly.

Things seemed to escalate quickly within this story too. Of course this is likely down to it being such a short story but everything just seemed a bit to fast paced in parts – sex, love bordering obsesssion and talks of marriage after their first night together!

With reading erotica there always seems to be new ways of describing actions or parts of the body. These are being added to the ‘Didn’t love’ list:
– Puckered hole
– Hardened nub

Overall, the story was enticing enough to continue to turn the cover. It’s an easy, quick PWP (porn with plot) to read with a fun storyline. The female lead Whitney is poorly developed but Harrison has been developed well in comparison. This novella won’t be for everyone as it is based around a particular kink that may not be to everybody’s taste.

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