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Bedding the Boss by Kameron Clare : A Book Review

(Book #1 of the Grayson Enterprises Series)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Blurb: When the attraction is hot and the competition is stiff, can love find its way?

Billionaire Derrick Grayson knows all about the struggles of achieving a work-life balance, and will do anything to get to know the gorgeous blonde—his brother-in-law’s new boss—even go undercover as a maintenance man at her company. But he’s not looking for a onetime hookup, and while he works to convince her to explore a relationship, he doesn’t know the investor he’s courting is playing multiple strategies, and pitting him against the woman he wants in his future.

As the newest, youngest, and only female executive with a program to grow, Jessica doesn’t have time for a relationship, but the stress release the hot, insistent, and totally off-limits Derrick provides is too good to say no to. So, she loses a few hours of sleep at night with each orgasm he gives her… it’s worth it as long as she can also win the $50M contract that doubles the size of her program.

But when Jessica finds out who Derrick really is—her competition—she questions her feelings and her intuition, and shuts him out as she attempts to repair the damage their relationship causes her career. Can Derrick convince Jessica that business and love can co-exist?

A steamy, contemporary, office romance with a twist. Who is the boss? She’s the boss.

My thoughts: I downloaded Bedding the Boss for free after recieving an email stating that over 300 books were available for FREE for a limited time only.
Bedding the boss is 185 pages long, so quite a small book really. I managed to read it in one day, mainly because I couldn’t put it down, to the point where I kept sneaking off for bathroom breaks at work just so I could fit in an extra chapter here and there.

What I enjoyed about this book is that the storyline was really interesting and believable. I often find that steamy romance books can become a little far-fetched but Bedding the Boss stuck to reality throughout. I also noticed that the dialogue wasn’t forced. They talked to each other how you and I would speak to each other, so the conversations all flowed really well. Notice how I called this book a steamy romance? It’s because it is just that and could be developed in to a great romance movie whereas a lot of books in this genre are PWP (porn with plot). Not like I’ve got anything against that, I just like the plot to be the main focus.

As you may know from my previous reviews, character development is extremely important to me. The good news is Kameron Claire has managed to tick all the boxes here with both Derrick and Jessica. I liked the fact that Jessica was a strong lead which is often not the case in this genre. I liked that she can look after herself and is a strong, independent woman with or without Derrick.
I like how the author explained Derrick’s feelings and ensured that though not perfect, he wasn’t a d*** and wasn’t the dominating, jealous, toxic male lead that is commonly used.

I also appreciate that the author has used ‘normal’ names in the book for her characters.

I’m going to follow the author on goodreads and hopefully when I’ve got through my huge to read list, I’ll continue with the Greyson Enterprises series.

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