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The Biker’s Kiss by Glenna Maynard : A Book Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Blurb: One kiss is all it takes to bring him to his knees and have him asking for forever.

Roane Connors doesn’t do relationships. He’s been burned before and isn’t looking to repeat past mistakes. All he needs is a warm body in his bed for the night. Someone to ring in the new year with. Julie Wilson ticks all his boxes. She’s back in town, hot, and single. When the clock strikes midnight one kiss ignites a spark this royal bastard’s not ready for.

The Biker’s Kiss is a Royal Bastards MC holiday novella.

My thoughts: This book was a free download with around 300 other books of similar genre. It is the first book I have read by Glenna Maynard.

I should start by saying that this book may need to come with a trigger warning – physical abuse and rape. The physical abuse starts from the get go but is introducing Julie, our female lead, and letting us know what she has to put up with before she finds someone who treats her how she should be treated. There are no rape scenes but it mentions non consensual sex and there is a scene which isn’t quite clear whether it happens or not.

I was excited to read this book as it seems a lot more up my street than previous books I have read of this genre. However, overall, I did feel quite disappointed by this story.
It is a short story, only taking a couple of hours to get through but I didn’t feel drawn to this book to the point I wanted to read it in one sitting so I actually read it in several sittings. There are a lot of mistakes in this book such as missing words in sentences and grammar issues which I usually forgive authors for but this book seemed to be filled with them which was a shame.

In a nutshell, we have Julie who leaves Sam, her abusive ex. He’s a lawyer and has a cop daddy so you know the type, a grade A douchebag. She moves in with her sister, Pam, and her husband, Link who are both part of a Bikers club/gang, call it what you will. Pam invites Julie out to the club for a few drinks and in hopes that her sister can forget about her ex and get laid. Well, she suceeds. She meets her ex boyfriend from when she was 15 at the bar, Roane. He’s a sexy ass biker with tribal tattoos covering his muscly arms. They flirt a while and then go upstairs and have amazing sex.

The next day, Roane and Julie declare their love for each other, Julie moves in to his apartment and then Roane, who is also a Tattoo artist, tattoos his name on Julie. What. The. Fudge? I mean, come on. One day after and you are getting a mans name on your wrist and moving him with him? The book doesn’t mention that Julie, nor Roane from that matter are batsh*t crazy, but surely you gotta be if you are doing that within 24 hours of meeting.

After the move in and the tattoo, Sam comes back on the scene and kidnaps Julie before Roane and his motorbike crew rescue her and though unclear but definitely hinted, murder Sam, and again… Julie doesn’t bat an eyelid. She doesn’t seem phased with the fact that her husband to be is potentially a murderer.

So in my opinion, I just found this story a little too farfetched and crazy (and that’s from me who reads mainly fantasy novels). There are more books in the series and I may get to reading them but I am not too sure whether I will.

As always, thanks again for reading.

Geeliz Reads ❤

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