Scar by Kelsie Calloway

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I’m a mountain man looking to hunt animals, not women.
So imagine my surprise when Marilyn falls right into my lap.
She’s from California and this is her first time… in more ways than one.
She’s got curves that’ll drive a man wild, but she’s too young for me.
I’ll save her life though, because I’m a gentleman, but that’s it.
Until she asks me to show her a little discipline
When my firm hand meets her untouched bottom, sparks are going to fly.

My thoughts:

Scar is a short novella which could be read in one sitting. It follows Marilyn, a curvy-girl who is also a virgin that has travelled to Alaska to get away from the villains in her life – her father and her fiance.
Scar lives on the mountain, he is twice Marilyn’s age and is a widow. He has a large penis which Marilyn rides like a pro quite quickly after meeting him.
I just didn’t find this story believable and the quick meet, straight on to spanking and then straight on to amazing first time sex for a virgin just couldn’t work in my head.
I think if the story was longer and more developed then it has the potential to be a good book.

Thanks for reading, Gee Liz Reads ❤

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