New Book Drop: Monsters Awakened by L. J. Swallows

Hello Lizards! How are you all doing today? I’m writing today to let you know that L.J. Swallows is now accepting pre-orders for book one of the new Ruthless Dark series. You may know L.J. Swallows from some of her previous work; The Nightfall Academy Series, The Four Horsemen Series and the Ravenhold Trilogy, to name but a few.

How great does this sound:

I thought fairies were pixie girls with delicate wings who live amongst the flowers.
I was wrong. The fae folk do have wings, but they’re monsters who live in the dark.
And never, ever call them fairies.

Monsters killed my family, but nobody believed me. I’m told the trauma repressed my memories and that I imagined the creatures who tore apart my family with their claws. Six-year-old Trinity couldn’t cope with the reality she witnessed and created her own.

They’re wrong. I’m no longer a child, but I still see monsters.

Six years ago, three crept into the edges of my dreams, their violet eyes shining through the shadows. But these creatures with horns and claws didn’t want to hurt me. One whispered his wicked thoughts, another watched me but never spoke, and their leader tempered their wild desires. I wanted to surrender to their dark embrace, but my monsters left me untouched and alone with my fantasies.

I’m now at Briargrove House for treatment, where Dr. Radcliffe specializes in teasing out the truth hidden inside damaged people’s heads. He promises to unlock my memories and bring those who murdered my family to justice.

But how damaged and dangerous are the others who live with me at Briargrove?

Dr. Radcliffe hopes to banish the imaginary monsters, but my three return. They call themselves the Dark, are wilder than my dreams, and fulfil every pleasure they denied me. They belong to me, and I am theirs.

My dark lovers insist that the true monsters live inside Briargrove House, so I must return to their realm. If I don’t, other creatures will take me to a different place, where the dreams promise to become nightmares.

Pretty awesome right? If you want to get your hands on this bad boy then follow the links here:

Kindle UK – £2.99 – Monsters Awakened by L.J. Swallow

Kindle USA – $3.99 – Monsters Awakened L.J. Swallow

Thanks for reading, LIzards. Let me know what you think!

Gee Liz Reads ❤

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