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Book Bargain: Afterlife and Transfusion by Stephanie Hudson

Who hear hasn’t read Afterlife by Stephanie Hudson? What about Transfusion? Well if you haven’t, with all due respect, where the hell have you been, loca?! Afterlife is the 1st book of the 12 book Afterlife Saga and Transfusion is also the 1st book of the 12 book Transfusion Saga and yes, for all of those who neeeeeeeeed the series to be complete before starting, they are both complete!

Afterlife is written by International Bestselling Author Stephanie Hudson. It was the 1st book in a long and continuing line of books released by the inspiring Author. Not only has this brilliant author brought us the complete works of the Afterlife Saga but she has continued with the magic of the Afterlife world by bringing us the complete works of Transfusion Saga which follows fan favourite Lucius, the Hellbeast Series which follows soon to be fan favourite Jared, and the Shadow Imp Series which follows the amazing and hilarious couple of Pip and Adam. Furthermore, Stephanie has delved into the Childrens/Young Adults genre by bringing out The Afterlife Academy series which is well loved by all ages.

Afterlife and Transfusion are now on offer for just 99p each and I’m telling you now, I don’t think you will regret it. It doesn’t matter where you start either. You can start with Transfusion or you can start with Afterlife but I would personally recommend you read the Afterlife Saga first before the Transfusion Saga.

Here is the blurb for Afterlife:

Addictively Dark and Seductively Sexy.
Dramatic and full of Suspense that will have you guessing at every turn…
Just who is the King of Afterlife?
Keira is new in town and running from her past. A past that haunts her dreams, that is until a new nightmare takes over them…a tall, dark and sexy one. Her New Boss, Dominic Draven.
Question is, what is the infamous Gothic Nightclub doing in the small town of Evergreen Falls and more importantly, what has its powerful owner got planned for her? Because not everything is as it seems and working the VIP section under his watchful eye is only the beginning. That’s because Keira isn’t the only one keeping secrets and Afterlife isn’t just a nightclub at all… It’s a place for a Supernatural King to rule. And this King has sights set firmly on Keira. The one he has been searching for throughout the ages of time. His Chosen One…
His Fated Queen.

Afterlife Saga has Shifters, Angels, Demons, Vampires, and much much more. *If you like sexy, dark paranormal romances, with humor, steam, action, a real heroine and a brooding hero, this is for you. Afterlife is full length (252k) words, and is book one in the 12 book Complete Afterlife Saga series, and ends on a cliffhanger.

It is recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations.

Here is the Blurb for Transfusion:

He Broke My Heart… That cold, cruel Vampire King.

But then, I am just your typical, ordinary, everyday human girl who works and lives in London. Or at least, that’s what everyone thinks. I fled the supernatural world and the safety of my family who rule it, because being the only human born from them definitely had its drawbacks.

Something the Vampire King knew all about.

He humiliated me and destroyed my naive little heart, meaning I had no choice but to leave and make a new life for myself.
I turned my back on it all but most importantly, I turned my back on him.
That was my second mistake
The first had been to fall in love with him.

That was seven years ago.

I liked to think that I was done with Lucius, the Vampire King and his dark world.
But little did I know that he was far from done with me…
That he had been watching me all this time.

Now he was back for me.

Him and his dominant, ruling hands that were intent on bending me to his will, all under the guise of keeping me safe. But then if that were true, then why did it seem as if his dark desires for me were not only reigniting my obsession but creating one of his own.

Things were shifting in the Vampire world with Lucius and I at its core. Which meant the biggest question I had to ask myself became…

Would my heart survive him a second time?

If you like dark, fantasy, action with Vampires, Shifters, Demons and much much more. With a side serving of romance filled with adventure, conflict, and steam, you’ll love The 12 book Transfusion Saga.

Afterlife is available on Kindle Unlimited for free or for 99p here.

Transfusion is available on Kindle Unlimited for free or for 99p here.

Please let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading Lizards, Gee Liz Reads ❤

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