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The Hellbeast’s Fight by Stephanie Hudson : A Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Blurb: It started the moment I woke up in hospital,
I naively believed I would find myself alone.
I was wrong.
Because the HellBeast King wasn’t done with me.
Far from it in fact, as he told me he had made a vow.
A vow to keep me safe.
But as my fate started to unravel,
revealing more and more pieces of him at the core,
I couldn’t help but question…
Was his vow to keep me safe or was it simply…
A HellBeast’s fight…
To Keep Me?

My thoughts: The Hellbeast’s Fight is the 2nd book of The Hellbeast King series by Stephanie Hudson. For me and most of you I bet, the 2nd book or the 2nd film are rarely as good. Think Ghostbusters 2 for example. Am I right? Well, in this case, just like Toy Story 2 (do NOT argue with me here), The Hellbeast’s Fight was better than the Hellbeast King. Now I’ve had this problem before… I gave The Hellbeast King 5 out of 5 stars (obviously, it was incredible) but if the Hellbeast Fight was better then how do I go about rating it?

Anyway, that’s not important. Just to let you know this review does contain spoilers. I’ve been told off so need to make sure I let you all know that before I continue. Got it? Great. Here goes…

Hellbeast’s Fight takes place straight after the end of Hellbeast’s King. As the blurb states, Ella is in hospital and she is not alone. Jared, the sexy Hellbeast is with her. The next few chapters are just a laugh a minute with their constant bickering and flirting. I just loved it. I love how the descriptions bring the story to life so you can see it unfolding in front of you. Like you are a fly on the wall watching the scenes play out in front of you. I believe it definitely takes a talented author to be able to do that.

What else I enjoyed about this book and it’s something that alot of authors are not able to do, is the secondary characters. There are a lot of secondary characters in this book but they are described so well and each have their own personality so it doesn’t become difficult to keep tabs on who is who. My favourite’s are Marcus and Orthurus (deduct 5 points from Ravenclaw if I got the spellings wrong – my bad). These are definitely character’s I want to know more about and would love for them to be a big part of Ella an Jared’s story.

Talking about Jared… Mother may I? Good lord in heaven! Or should I say Bad Devil in Hell please let me have one night with this man. To be honest, I don’t think I could handle it hahahahaa! The man on the covers is exactly how Jared is described and he has a very domineering personality. As a fellow reviewer said on Goodreads (user Rebecca Dixon) he is possessive, angry, obsessive, cheeky, snarky and has a dirty mouth, and I have to agree with her there – he certainly does. Whereas some of those traits my turn you off, when they are part of somebody as godly as Jared, you’ll definitely be turned on.

So with Jared being the Hellbeast, Ella is the human. She may come across as weak sometimes and she may make the wrong decisions but her inner monologue explains her decisions and that’s something I love about these books and the character. Yes, you may not have personally chose the path she chooses in a difficult moment but sometimes when you are put in that position you can’t think straight or your mind is focussed on something else and therefore you don’t make the best decision at the time. Nobody is perfect and I bet there is not one person on this planet that has made every single correct decision in their life. I’m not ranting, promise! I’m just saying that that is what I love about Ella. She’s so damned real! So perfectly imperfect!

The book ended with a cliffhanger but luckily book three is out and I’m going to get right up on that! I really can not wait!

The Hellbeast’s Fight is available on Kindle Unlimited for free or is available to purchase on Kindle for £3.99 here.

It is also available on Paperback for £15 here.

Have you read The Hellbeast’s Fight yet? What did you think?

Thanks for reading Lizards! Gee Liz Reads ❤

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