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Book Drop: Killian the Assassin by Wendy L. Anderson

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was (and still am) to find out that Wendy L. Anderson is bringing out a new book!

Wendy originally contacted me through this website to ask if I would read and review her standalone Viking Romance, A Cut Twice as Deep. I was happy to oblidge of course, seeing as this is a reviewing website. As you may remember if you follow my blog, is that I rated A Cut Twice as Deep a solid 5 / 5. Then I was asked if I wouldn’t mind reviewing another book of hers, Ulrik. Again a solid 5 / 5 and, this quote from my review still rings VERY TRUE:

“Hands down, one of the best books I have EVER read.

GeeLiz Reads (2021)

Next up, Wendy asked me to read Of Demon Kind, the first book of the Kingdoms of Jior Series. I just could NOT say no as I had already been blown away by her previous work. Again, I was not disappointed and I knew I needed to complete the series. My world became Jior as I sat with my eye’s fixed to the screen, envisioning the incredible story that played out infront of me, forgetting that I was reading words. Redemption of the Fallen – Phenomenal, Heirs of Jior – Breathtaking, Iron and the Arrow – Astonishing, The Last Ny-Failen – Beyond Epic!

I shit you not guys, these books just continued to get better and better and when I finished the last book I felt empty! Actually, empty is the wrong word. I felt… like an addict. Like all I could think about was these books and I knew that the struggle to find any book as amazing as any one of Wendy Anderson’s books was going to be near on impossible.

Luckily, Wendy brought out the beyond Epic Rapunzel’s Tower which I stupidly read in a day but I just could not put it down!!! Then I was back to feeling empty once again!

But what is it that Wendy decides to do out of the goodness of her heart? Bring out another book and ease the crave! HALLELUJAH! And to add to my happiness… I’ve been asked if I would like to read the book to review AHEAD of its release. What was my answer you ask? Do bears shit in the woods? YES! a thousand times Yes!

But then the worrying starts… What if it isn’t as good as her previous books? What if she’s lost the plot completely and it’s just a giant mess? Well we will soon find out because I’m just about to devour the book and the review will follow in the next coming days!


Killian the Assassin!

Blurb: Assassin, thief, arrogant rogue…

Pagan drumming in Killian’s veins would never let his sword fail or his heart stop thirsting for blood. It felt as if the old gods gathered around him, waiting for blood to spill.

Killian the Assassin has been hired to guard the daughter of a wealthy Lord. Blackmailed into going on a perilous journey over treacherous seas, and among violent mountains, he faces danger and demons. Fighting the bloodlust that always follows him, Killian discovers a lonely, innocent girl who did not betray, but has been betrayed. She deserves love and protection, but is he the one to give her what she needs? 

Tainted by the need for salvation, driven by sword lust, darkness follows them both as together they become the first in the Legends of Everclearing.

Killian the Assassin! He’ll double-cross you, bed your wife, and steal your gold, all with a smile.

Follow Killian the Assassin on his journey in this new fantasy series, the Legends of Everclearing!

This new series does not just a revisit the best of the Kingdom of Jior fantasy series but is addicting, with new characters, and heart stopping adventures!

Can’t get enough?  Read the Kingdom of Jior epic fantasy series:

Of Demon Kind

Redemption of the Fallen

Heirs of Jior

Iron and the Arrow

The Last Ny-Failen

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