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My Escort by Kia Carrington-Russell : A Book Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.


We all have our secrets. Mine is that I hired a male escort to end my boss’s taunts regarding my love life. Problem is, I actually like him.

Clover is determined to become the next big travel columnist. The only problem is her merciless boss, Debra Coorman, who refuses to let her step up the corporate ladder. When an opportunity presents itself, Clover will do anything to make the most of it- including dialing the number on a simple black business card, she swore she’d never need.

Hiring male escort, Damon, to play the role of “doting boyfriend” was meant to be easy. A simple transaction that would begin and end in one evening—until an unsigned check has him on her doorstep the very same night.

What started as a business deal is flipped on its head as Clover finds there’s more to Damon than meets the eye. Hearts are involved, and emotions are running deep. Clover needs to determine if feelings are real or if Damon is playing a part beyond the date she paid for.

My thoughts: My Escort is a Contemporary Romance set in Manhattan. Like many books in this genre, the female lead, Clover, works in an office environment and is unhappy with her job. Her boss is a bit of a bully – Actually, scratch that… her boss is a full on bitch and I really don’t know how Clover kept her cool with her as I would have thrown her through a glass window from the top floor of a skyscraper if she had talked to me the way she talked to Clover – so after a dig from her boss about never bringing a date to the work functions, Clover has no choice but to contact Damon, an Escort.

Damon is… perfection. Just mmmmm. I absoluely loved his character and really understand Clover’s attraction to him. I also liked how his character developed and learning more about his life and history.

Getting back to Clover, though I like her, I feel like she needed to grow a pair at times. I also didn’t enjoy her inner monologue at times but I think some of this comes directly from the authors views e.g. ‘I had a more womanly, hourglass shape while she had an athletic one’. So… what are you saying? Curves are feminine but being athletic isn’t? I think all female body shapes are feminine. That really grated on me to be honest. Another example – ‘I wished she’d eat more. Her idea of what was attractive to the male mind was a lot different to what consititued a healthy body.’ Ok well, she might eat for America and just be naturally slim, she might not be staying slim for men but because SHE wants to.

Anyway, moving on from this. I devoured this book and really enjoyed it. I must admit, I absolutely adore slow-burns and this is definitely one of them. I would recommend this book and I first rated this book 3.5 stars but I’ve decided to move this up to 4 stars because I did really enjoy it.

Geeliz Reads ❤

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