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Dark Past by Laura Hunsaker : A Book Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Blurb: The small town was supposed to be safe…

Kate Landry is tired of running. Thinking she’s safe, she settles in the small logging town of Chester, California to manage a cafe. She may be keeping a low profile, but she’s hoping to return to a normal life.
When FBI agent Kyle Donovan visits to Chester to stay with a friend, and to recover from his latest case, he never expects to meet sexy barista Kate.

But someone is following Kate…

Kyle worries he brought trouble to her door, while Kate worries her dark past is coming after her.
With danger lurking around every corner, her safe haven isn’t as safe as she’d thought. Kate will finally have to trust someone enough to tell him her secrets. Secrets that may just get them killed… 

My thoughts: This story follows Kate, a red-head with freckles who works in a cafe, and Kyle a green-eyed, muscular Navy SEAL.
Kate has been running from an abusive ex but he has finally caught up with her, leaving problems for the police along the way.
Kyle also has an issue with his past but apart from being mentioned a couple of times, this isn’t covered at all. The epilogue makes it clear that the reader needs to read book two for that story.

Kate asks Kyle out to a party and their relationship develops from there. When it is made clear that her abusive ex is stalking her once more, Kyle takes on the protective role along with a couple of his Navy SEAL friends.
Another thing which isn’t answered in this book is why his friends, Luke and Jay are no longer friends with each other. I think this is something that should be covered in book one as these characters were rather bland and I think this information would have helped.

I noticed a lot of inconsistency issues in this book. Examples include Kyle, Lake and Jay being Navy SEALS one minute, then FBI the next. Also, Kate’s real name is Kathleen at one point but at another point it is Katherine.
There were also issues with paragraphs rarely being used which made it difficult to read sometimes, especially when going from what Kyle was thinking to what Kate was thinking.
Some sentences didn’t make sense or were missing words / had too many words in.

I think this story could be fantastic but it needs a good edit and character development would help significantly.

Thanks for reading Lizards ❤

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