Meat by Dane Cobain : A Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Veterinarian Tom Copeland takes a job at a factory farm called Sunnyvale after a scandal at his suburban practice. His job is to keep the animals alive for long enough to get them to slaughter.

But there are rumours of a strange creature living beneath the complex, accidents waiting to happen on brutal production lines and the threat of zoonotic disease from the pigs, sheep, cows, chickens and fish that the complex houses.

Suddenly, disaster rocks Sunnyvale and cleaners, butchers, security guards and clerical staff alike must come together under the ruthless leadership of CEO John MacDonald. Together, they’ll learn what happens when there’s a sudden change to the food chain.

My thoughts: First of all, can we just appreciate the name of the Author for just a moment. Dane Cobain. Dane. Cobain. What an incredible name, eh?! Anyway, now we’ve agreed that Dane Cobain has got the coolest name ever, let’s get down to business.

Let me tell you about this book I read. A book that I could not put down. A book that has frightened me to my very core, made me never want to eat meat again (not like I was a big meat eater anyway), and made me very wary of farm animals and large groups of birds (yes, I was already scared of chickens… even more so now).

I’m going to start with the cover. Something I don’t often talk about in my reviews unless they really captivate me or dissuade me from reading the book. It’s good news – I love the cover. I think it is really captivating. The title is perfect for this book too. One thing I did dislike about this cover, and which could potentially put people off buying it, is the sheep on the back of the cover. It looks like it is in a lot of pain and has lots of wounds all over it. I understand why it is there but it is slightly distressing.

Jumping into the book now and you are introduced to Tom Copeland, the new Veterinarian at a farm factory called Sunnyvale, which, as I’m a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, I kept on reading as Sunnydale. Sunnyvale is horrid and the author does a good job of letting you know this. It houses far too many animals in unsanitary, cruel conditions which, eventually leads to a disease outbreak. Cobain explained this in so much detail with it all being part of the story so it didn’t come across as a lecture or anything like that. I love that Cobain has done his research into disease outbreaks and factory farms making this story very believable and something that could actually happen.

Throughout the story you are introduced to quite a lot of characters but Cobain has managed to describe each person so well and give them all their own personality that there is no difficulty in remembering who is who. My favourite secondary character was Jill Macdonald. I felt so sorry for her at times but I loved her character development throughout.

As the story progresses, the disease spreads and causes the animals to escape at the same time as the army place the factory under quarantine. This means that the workers, specifically those that survived the initial stampede of diseased, man-eating animals to survive together in the admin building of the factory farm. Lots of things happen during this time, things I don’t want to ruin for you as you NEED to read this book but let me tell you, all you will want to do is read, read, read.

Now, those of you that know me know that my number one phobia is zombies and my nightmares were answered towards the end of this book when human zombies were introduced. Did I stay up all night absolutely petrified? Did I forget to breath while I read this book due to being overwhelmed by fear? Did I drop the book more than once because I was absolutely terrified? Yes, yes and you guessed it, yes again! But that’s what a talented author does. A talented author brings out your emotions and they make you think about the book after you’ve finished it. There work should stay with you, and I’m telling you now, ‘Meat’ will stay with me for a long time. I’m surrounded by cows and sheep where I live, I’m already looking at moving!

I really enjoyed Dane’s writing style though it’s not something I know how to explain. He just has a talent of making the story flow and seem realistic, and his metaphors are unique and *chefs kiss*. I did notice an error in the book but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it overall as it didn’t effect the story.

I would definitely recommend you all read this book. I mean seriously, it’s just incredible. I however will NOT be reading it ever again as it is most definitely etched into my sub-cranium as one of the scariest books I have and will EVER read.

Woah, that was a long ass review but I just wanted to get everything in!

‘Meat’ is available on Kindle Unlimited or to buy on Kindle for £2.49 here. It is also available on Paperback for £12.50 here.

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