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Rise of the Catalyst by Honor Raconteur : A Book Review

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Blurb: One ancient mask with earth-bending powers searching for a bearer.

One magical retrieval expert who is determined to seal it back in its tomb.

At the moment, both are failing at their goals, but Arwen is not about to be bested. So what if she doesn’t know what culture it’s from or where to put it back. She’s smarter than a semi-sentient mask. Hopefully.

But if the thrice-cursed mask breaks out of her seal one more time, she’s melting it with prejudice, magical backlash be damned.

My thoughts: I was asked to give an honest review of this book so here goes…

I started reading this book on 22nd June 2022 and I finally managed to finish it on the 28th August 2022. Granted, I am a busy bee but it took a 4 hour train journey with nothing else to do to force me to finish it.

I honestly can’t remember what time period the story is set in as it says at the beginning of the book and it has been a couple of months since then. I think it was Victorian times – the industrial revolution had begun and there were cars, carriages and steam trains. The women dressed in corsets and dresses and were seen as 2nd to men. Also, how the characters spoke to each other just seemed far to modern and didn’t fit in with the set period. The characters discuss Imposter Syndrome in passing and this wasn’t actually described by psycholigists until 1978.

Nothing much happened in the story. I was waiting for some action but very little came. It was basically woman gets magical artefact that won’t behave for her. Woman and her friends take it back to where it belongs. Inbetween all that all you seem to get is chatting, building a box to keep the artefact in, chatting to somebody interested in the mask, building another box for the artefact, all while travelling to put the mask back where it lives. I just needed and wanted more.

I also got a steampunk vibe from the cover which I’m down for… I love steampunk but there was no steampunk in the book.

I feel like I’ve slated this book after re-reading my review and I hate doing that. It did have good concepts such as the main character being blind so a lot of the description was how something sounded, or felt or smelled rather than what she saw. Apart from that I just struggled.


Thanks for reading Lizards!

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