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Deposition and a Dare by Evelyn Adams : A Book Review

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.


Clients call me Lexi. Naked is my super power, and I work it like a boss. In New Orleans, pleasure is a public service and I’m happy to do my part. I know what women crave, and I help their men learn to give it to them– with plenty of kinky window-dressing and an air of delicious command. It’s just a game men and women play, one that leaves everybody satisfied.

Until the day I’m dragged into court on a ridiculous charge.

Now I’m playing the game with Erik Jensen, Esq., the man who looks more like a sexy pirate than an attorney. Suddenly, the stakes are higher than I could ever have imagined. Because Erik isn’t the man I thought he was, and neither is the game.

If I win, I keep it all: my business, my reputation, and my formerly invulnerable heart. If I lose…well, I won’t let that happen.

But it’s getting harder to tell which one of us is being mastered and before long, a safe word is the only thing standing between happily ever after and a pair of broken hearts.

My thoughts: I believe I got this book for free from a promotion in which there were over 300 free books, all from the romance category. Unfortunately, this book for me was a DNF (did not finish). It’s a shame really, as I try my best to get through a book but after reading chapter 3, I just had to give up.

I’m going to keep this short as I really don’t like slating anybody. I know how difficult it is to write a book, I’m trying myself and I’m still no where near publishing, so hats off to the author for getting her work out there. This book just didn’t work for me. Here’s the reasons why:

  • Constant switching of tense – past, present etc. This could be sorted with a decent editor
  • Waaaay too many characters introduced in the first couple of chapters – Lexi, Erik, lots of Lexi’s friends, lots of Erik’s friends – I just couldn’t keep up
  • Repetitive – Erik’s thoughts were just the same, no personality just sex.
  • A full chapter pretty much about taking an antacid.

Thanks for reading! GeeLiz Reads ❤


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