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Snowbody Like You by Ariella Zoelle: A Book Review

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

Blurb: Jude longs to have a Hallmark meet-cute with the love of his life. But he learns how fun a happily ever after can be when he falls in love with a man whose imagination is as lively as his own.

Jude Moore – What’s better than running into the love of your life in an airport while enacting a scene worthy of being in a Hallmark movie? That would be having the meet-cute gods snow us in together at a hotel with only one bed. Luckily, that’s only the start of my incredible relationship with Rigby. There’s so much more to our story because the real fun begins once we get home.

Falling for Rigby is easy because he’s tall, adorable, and an academic nerd that makes my heart do the fandango. He’s also a total sweetheart who knows how to make me swoon by indulging my wildest fantasies to make all of my wishes come true.

How could I not adore a man who gladly takes me on the trip of a lifetime to the Camelot of my dreams, where he’s the romantic King Arthur to my Sir Lancelot?

Rigby Pasquali – I never thought I’d be the “fall in love at first sight” type, but Jude makes me believe in romance and a happily ever after. He’s the first partner I’ve ever had who makes me feel safe enough to explore new sides of myself and discover what I want. When his creative imagination is as vivid as my own, it means there are no limits to the magical wonderlands we can create while we role-play scenarios that tick off all of the boxes on my wish list.

How did I get so lucky to end up with a boyfriend who can be everything I’ve ever desired and complete me in a way I never knew I needed?

My thoughts: I got this book free with about 300 other romance books when they all participated in a deal. Let’s get right to it. This book was… interesting, but unfortunately not the you’ve piqued my interest so I must read on kind of interesting, it was a What in the actual fuck am I reading, interesting.

This was not a story. It was 95% porn, 5% story. The story goes – man meets man at airport. Men go back to hotel room. Men go back home. Men go on date. Men go back to university. Men go on date. Friend of man one has a problem with girlfriend, man one helps. Insert sex scene after every fullstop. Now, before anyone says anything I am NOT being prude, and if you think I am, then you don’t know me at all but seriously there was no conflict or climax (apart from sexual climax’s for the two characters many times), there just wasn’t really a story.

Jude, one of the main characters was very full on, it was very cringy at times. Also, if a man came to me and said the things that Jude had said within the first five minutes of meeting him (meeting his family, getting married etc) I would have ran a mile. He was just way too intense. His inner monologue also drove me insane, if you had a shot for everytime he used the term ‘meet-cute’ or ‘meet-cute gods’, you’d be passed out by chapter two.

The sex scenes were frequent and very similar, then all of a sudden they are role playing as King Arthur and Sir Lancelot and then the Cheshire Cat and Alice. It was so cringy to read and the worst part of it was that how the dialogue was written – not just for these scenes but throughout the book – it just made it even more unbelievable. The dialogue just didn’t flow at any point during the story which stopped me from being able to dive in and connect with them. Not only that, they are having sex and just chatting away about their ex partners. All they seemed to talk about was their ex partners.

I know I’ve slated this one and I’m sorry. I always try to find the good in a book but I’m struggling with this one.

Thanks for reading,

GeeLiz Reads ❤

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