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Undeniable (A Dominion Rockstar Romance) By Maya Reed

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Blurb: From the first moment I met her, I’ve wanted Pippa March. She’s sexy, smart, and funny. But she works for my band, managing us through our biggest tour yet, so she’s off limits.

Until one night, and one kiss. Once she gives herself to me, I know will never let her go. Unfortunately Pippa comes with baggage, namely her absent rockstar father. I have one night to convince her that I want her forever, and I don’t intend to fail.

My thoughts: I got this book for free during a promotion in which hundreds of ebooks were being given away for free.

Undeniable is a very short story, and though it was quite enjoybale for a short, erotic read, it was very predictable, a very ‘read it before’ kind of situation. Pippa is hot, in her mid twenties if I remember correctly, and of course she is a virgin. Gareth is older, been with a ton of girls but the virgin is the one he wants, obviously. Basically, there’s tension, they have sex, they fall in love, they get engaged, they get married. The end.

The book needs a serious edit too. Some of the sentences didn’t make sense / words were missing in sentences.

If you want a quick, easy read while you wait for the bus then this might be one for you.

Thanks for reading,

Geeliz Reads ❤

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