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Bet On Love by Ariella Zoella : A Book Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Rhys Huntington

Drunkenly eloping with my best man was never part of my wedding plans. Falling in love with him definitely wasn’t supposed to happen. But even though we’re both straight, the longer we’re married, the more I start to love Lucien as my husband and not just as my best friend.

We’re supposed to get an annulment to undo our bad idea. That’s not what I really want, though. I’m ready to bet everything on love by committing to our marriage for real. Can I convince him to stay married to me and give us a chance at finding our happily ever after together?

Lucien St. Amour

I would do anything for my best friend. That apparently includes making a rash decision to save Rhys from the mistake of marrying a woman who doesn’t love him by eloping with him before his wedding. Instead of it being a funny story we tell our friends, the feelings I’ve suppressed for Rhys since sharing our first kiss as teenagers explode into a roaring blaze of desire for my new husband.

Our marriage may have started as a joke in front of an Elvis impersonator at a quickie Vegas wedding chapel, but I meant every word of my vows. Will Rhys allow me to love, honor, and cherish him as my husband like I promised?

My thoughts: Bet on love, which is a MM romance, was another book that I got for free during a promotion. I read another Ariella Zoelle book a few days ago so I wasn’t very excited to be reading this one; I had given the last book only half a star.

However, I was very surprised with this one. From the beginning it was a laugh a minute. I found it hilarious and loved the two male characters. The humour did slow down after a while due to the situation between them chainging but this brought more of a romantic and serious atmosphere which I also enjoyed.

I was so ready to give this book 4 – 5 stars but then at around the 80% mark, I was left disappointed. There’s always something that happens in romance books often creating an argument and this case it was a ‘miscommunication’. One of the characters misheard the other saying something that came across as their love being a mistake etc. It just didn’t fit as they were best friends for years and had just been telling and showing each other just how much they loved each other. If the other guy had just gone over and been like, ‘oh, what are you talking about?’ It would have been completely cleared up. I know something like this has to happen to move the book along but I thought it was poorly executed.

I would recommend for a cheesy read.

Thanks for reading,

GeeLiz Reads ❤


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