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Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone: Chapter Three: Book and Movie Differences

Chapter three, ‘The Letters From No One’ covers the scenes in which the letters start arriving at the Dursley’s house, and when they go and stay in the cabin in the sea.

Ignoring the beginning when Dudley and Aunt Petunia go shopping for uniform, and Petunia dyes some old uniform for Harry, the chapter and scene are very similar to each other even with some lines being word for word. When Harry goes for the post and and notices the letter for him, he goes back to the table and starts opening it. The letter is taken from him and then in the movie, the Dursley’s stare in fright and the scene ends. In the book, Dudley and Harry are kicked out of the room but they continue to listen at the door. Vernon and Petunia panic about the letter and discuss that they don’t want ‘one of them’ in their house but leave it for the reader to continue to wonder exactly what is going on.

Harry ends up getting his own bedroom in the book, much to Dudley’s dismay has he had two bedrooms and now had to give one up! Book Dudley is much worse than movie Dudley. We don’t see him on the big screen throwing his pet tortoise through the greenhouse roof, or being sick on purpose because he didn’t get his own way.

The letters continue to come to the house and in the scene when all the letters start flying down the chimney, Harry doesn’t actually get his mits on a letter in the book, which is hard to believe because there are hundreds of them… how he became seeker on the quidditch team is beyond me, but this means that in the the fight between Harry and Vernon doesn’t happen.

From this, they go to a hotel on the edge of the ctiy but hundreds of letters get delivered there so they get in the car and move along. Dudley doesn’t actually say ‘Daddy’s gone mad, hasn’t he?’ until Vernon is driving around forests and fields looking for somewhere to stay, whereas this line is said when Harry and Vernon are fighting over the letter in the movie. They do end up at the shack in the middle of the sea like is seen in the movie.

What do you think of these differences?

Gee Liz Reads ❤


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