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Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone: Chapter Four: Book and Movie Differences

Chapter Four, ‘The Keeper of the Keys’ covers the scene in which Hagrid comes to the hut the Dursley’s and Harry are staying in, and tells Harry that he is a wizard.

In the book, Hagrid sits down on the sofa unlike in the movie were he keeps standing. In the book, he knows who Harry is straight away whereas in the movie, he thinks Dudley is Harry for a moment. The book has a funny moment when Hagrid pulls out a kettle, sausages, cups, amongst other things and starts to cook the sausages and drink tea in the hut.

The conversation about Hogwarts and Harry being a wizard goes down in a similar way but Hagrid is much angrier that Harry doesn’t know anything about his parents, Hogwarts, the wizarding world. There’s also extra conversations in there before and after Harry reads his letter. Aunt Petunia’s rant about Lily going to Hogwarts is pretty much word for word in the movie but I wish they had put in the part when Hagrid pulls a live owl out his pocket and writes a letter to Dumbledore for the owl to take. Uncle Vernon also has more to say too, mainly saying that James and Lily got what was coming to them.

The conversation about Voldemort that happens in the movie once Hagrid has taken Harry away to Diagon Alley happens in the hut with the Dursley’s there.

What do you think of these differences?

Gee Liz Reads ❤


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