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Book Bargains: L J Swallows, Leigh Kelsey and Jadyn Chase

We all love a book bargain. Yes, I may have over 3000 books on my kindle waiting patiently to be read, and yes, I mayyy have 700 books on my bookshelves waitingly patiently to be read, but no, I can never have too many books. Especially when there are bargains like these. The Ravenhold SupernaturalContinue reading “Book Bargains: L J Swallows, Leigh Kelsey and Jadyn Chase”

New Book Drop: Monsters Awakened by L. J. Swallows

Hello Lizards! How are you all doing today? I’m writing today to let you know that L.J. Swallows is now accepting pre-orders for book one of the new Ruthless Dark series. You may know L.J. Swallows from some of her previous work; The Nightfall Academy Series, The Four Horsemen Series and the Ravenhold Trilogy, toContinue reading “New Book Drop: Monsters Awakened by L. J. Swallows”

New Book Drop: One Savage Knight by Holly Roberds

Holly Roberds, originally from Colorado but now living life in New Hampshire, is an author delving into the genres of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Apocalyptic Fantasy, to name but a few. Holly started her writing career by creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Terminator romantic fanfic. Now, it is unclear at this time whetherContinue reading “New Book Drop: One Savage Knight by Holly Roberds”

New Book Drop: Built to Sin by Natalie Haigh

Built to Sin is the debut novel and first book in the Sins and Secrets Series by brand new author Natalie Haigh. Built to Sin dabbles in a number of genres including urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Natalie’s inspiration for this book came from reading ‘The Afterlife Saga’ by author Stephanie Hudson and from thatContinue reading “New Book Drop: Built to Sin by Natalie Haigh”

Scar by Kelsie Calloway

Scar:I’m a mountain man looking to hunt animals, not women.So imagine my surprise when Marilyn falls right into my lap.She’s from California and this is her first time… in more ways than one.She’s got curves that’ll drive a man wild, but she’s too young for me.I’ll save her life though, because I’m a gentleman, but that’s it.Until she asks me to showContinue reading “Scar by Kelsie Calloway”

My Favourite Books of 2021

Join me as I talk you through my favourite books of 2021! My Good Reads pledge was to read 52 books this year, however, I only managed 43. I’m still happy with that though. This year, I’m going to focus on writing my own books as it’s a big passion of mine and I haveContinue reading “My Favourite Books of 2021”

Worlds Apart by Holly Mortimer : A Book Review

Blurb: BrennanHow can I want a woman so bad when she represents everything I despise? I can’t get her out from under my skin and I’m not entirely sure I want to. But there’s more at stake here than meets the eye. I’ve got responsibilities and she’s got secrets. Together, we’re destined for disaster, butContinue reading “Worlds Apart by Holly Mortimer : A Book Review”

Mountain Man’s Muse by Fern Fraser : A Book Review

Blurb: Wolf Winters I agreed to exhibit my giant metal sculptures for one show only, a charity fundraiser to help an old friend. I don’t want to go, but duty compels me. I’ve lived alone in my mountain hideaway, welding over pain with my art for years. I expect a short trip and a speedyContinue reading “Mountain Man’s Muse by Fern Fraser : A Book Review”

HeartBreaker by Kate Kisset : A Book Review

Blurb: When Georgia Monroe scores a once in a lifetime interview on the brink of being fired, she takes the first available flight out of New York straight to Lonesome, Montana. A one on one with country music’s rising star Boone Beckett, could put her career back on track. Her plans unravel when she takesContinue reading “HeartBreaker by Kate Kisset : A Book Review”

Love at Last by Kate Kisset : A Book Review

Blurb: Sarah Dupont’s mom just died.Her fiancé’s cheated on her with her accountant. (It didn’t help when Sarah caught them in the act on top of her cherished pastry table.)Oh, and they’ve been robbing her blind, so she’s broke now, too. When Sarah’s offered a fresh start, and a place to stay, she high tailsContinue reading “Love at Last by Kate Kisset : A Book Review”