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My Complete TBR List: Books I need to Review

So this list here is all the books I’ve been asked to review and haven’t reviewed yet, in no particular order. I’m making my way through them as quickly as possible The Book That THEY Do Not Want You To Read – Andy Ritchie The Book That THEY Do Not Want You To Read: PartContinue reading “My Complete TBR List: Books I need to Review”

Of Demon Kind by Wendy L. Anderson: A Book Review

(#1 in the Kingdom of Jior Series) Blurb: Prince Lorn of Jior is the only one left in the evil empire called the Kingdom of Jior. King Kullorn, his father, was the epitome of evil. Together they led demon hordes reaping death and destruction. When Kullorn is killed, Lorn must face the aftermath of theirContinue reading “Of Demon Kind by Wendy L. Anderson: A Book Review”

Car Boot Haul – 30th May 2021

Holy moly! I had such a fun time at the car boot sale this morning. I got so many cool things, from a Compound Bow to some Fuggler Teddy Bears with human teeth. It was so busy with so many stalls. Actually, as I was walking around I realised I had forgot to take myContinue reading “Car Boot Haul – 30th May 2021”

My Complete TBR List: Kindle

This weekend I managed to organise all my books and compile all of my TBR lists. I’ve got 4 actually, and the others will come but for now… here is my kindle TBR list (in no particular order): Be Brilliant Every Day by Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker The Teacher’s Billionaire by Christina Tetreault TheContinue reading “My Complete TBR List: Kindle”

Book Drops – The Vampire Protector and an Unnamed Release by Juliette N. Banks (and a free book too!)

Juliette N Banks, author of Paranormal Romance Novels, The Vampire King and The Vampire Prince dropped the news today that the latest in the series, The Vampire Protector is now with the editor and ready for release on the 6th July. Not only that, The Vampire Protector is now available for Pre-order here: UK (£2.87):Continue reading “Book Drops – The Vampire Protector and an Unnamed Release by Juliette N. Banks (and a free book too!)”

A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell : A Book Review

Blurb: She’s your best friend. She knows all your secrets. That’s why she’s so dangerous. A single mother’s life is turned upside down when her best friend vanishes in this chilling debut thriller in the vein of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. It starts with a simple favor—an ordinary kindness mothers do for one another.Continue reading “A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell : A Book Review”

Whom The Gods Love by M.M. Perry: A Book Review

Blurb: Harpy infested plains. Dark and foreboding forests. Beasts of myth and legend. All must be conquered by Cass and her small band before they can ask the favor of a God. From the Plains of the Dead Gods all the way to the Temple of Oshia, a mercurial God who promises to grant anyContinue reading “Whom The Gods Love by M.M. Perry: A Book Review”

Surprise Book Drop – Ward’s Siren by Stephanie Hudson

I’ve been a fan of Stephanie Hudson’s work for a while now. I can’t say from the beginning, though I wish it was, but it’s been at least 7 years. It all started, like it does for so many other people, with them pesky (any by pesky, I mean insanely awesome) 99p daily deals onContinue reading “Surprise Book Drop – Ward’s Siren by Stephanie Hudson”

Book Haul: Charity Shop

Here in England, the shops are back open and people are starting to love life again. After getting my hair done at the hairdressers (FINALLY), I decided, being only a 5 minute drive away from the charity shop, that I would go and have a ganders. I was slightly disappointed when I walked through theContinue reading “Book Haul: Charity Shop”

Voracious Readers – TBR Books

As well as all the books I have on my shelves, on my kindle and all the books I am asked to review, I also review for Voracious Readers. This has been put on the back burner recently though, thanks to my blog becoming more popular with author requests to review their work – whichContinue reading “Voracious Readers – TBR Books”