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Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone: Chapter Four: Book and Movie Differences

Chapter Four, ‘The Keeper of the Keys’ covers the scene in which Hagrid comes to the hut the Dursley’s and Harry are staying in, and tells Harry that he is a wizard. In the book, Hagrid sits down on the sofa unlike in the movie were he keeps standing. In the book, he knows whoContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone: Chapter Four: Book and Movie Differences”

GeeLiz Reads: Audiobooks on my TBLT (To be listened to?) List

I’m not going to lie, audiobooks are not my favourite thing. I often space out and then realise I’ve missed the majority of the chapter. I’ve only ever listened to one Audiobook and that was the first Outlander book. Here’s what I have left to listen to on my expired Audible subscription… Afterlife, The QuarterContinue reading “GeeLiz Reads: Audiobooks on my TBLT (To be listened to?) List”

Geeliz Reads: Favourite reads when I was a teen

The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer I think every teenager and her mother read these books and paved the way for complete vampire domination. Then came the movies that were soooooo bad, they were good. Reading these books as a teen, you can’t help but feel jealous of Bella. She’s got these two hotties afterContinue reading “Geeliz Reads: Favourite reads when I was a teen”

GeeLiz Reads: Childhood Favourites

I wish I could read a book a day, but with my busy life-style it just isn’t going to happen. I am however, trying very hard to blog everyday. Today, seeing as I’ve not read a book this weekend – thanks to my uni assigment being due – I thought I would share with youContinue reading “GeeLiz Reads: Childhood Favourites”

Alien in Charge by Lili Zander : A Book Review

Blurb: I have better things to do than babysit a human. And her cat. Someone has attacked the Human Federation Ambassador in Gehar territory, and out of an abundance of caution, the Empress has assigned me to protect the human until the culprit has been caught.The new Ambassador, and her kitten, Luna. (Short for Lunatic.)Yes, seriously. I,Continue reading “Alien in Charge by Lili Zander : A Book Review”

Bet On Love by Ariella Zoella : A Book Review

Blurb: Rhys Huntington Drunkenly eloping with my best man was never part of my wedding plans. Falling in love with him definitely wasn’t supposed to happen. But even though we’re both straight, the longer we’re married, the more I start to love Lucien as my husband and not just as my best friend. We’re supposedContinue reading “Bet On Love by Ariella Zoella : A Book Review”

Undeniable (A Dominion Rockstar Romance) By Maya Reed

Blurb: From the first moment I met her, I’ve wanted Pippa March. She’s sexy, smart, and funny. But she works for my band, managing us through our biggest tour yet, so she’s off limits. Until one night, and one kiss. Once she gives herself to me, I know will never let her go. Unfortunately PippaContinue reading “Undeniable (A Dominion Rockstar Romance) By Maya Reed”

The Cottage in the Highlands by Julie Shackman: A Book Review

Blurb: When Leonie Baxter finds herself out of a job and out of a relationship, she’s at her wits end. Her life has just been turned upside down and she needs a plan, fast. By chance, on a walk with her rescue puppy, Leonie stumbles across a striking house in the woods; fully furnished but unoccupied. AsContinue reading “The Cottage in the Highlands by Julie Shackman: A Book Review”

Snowbody Like You by Ariella Zoelle: A Book Review

Blurb: Jude longs to have a Hallmark meet-cute with the love of his life. But he learns how fun a happily ever after can be when he falls in love with a man whose imagination is as lively as his own. Jude Moore – What’s better than running into the love of your life inContinue reading “Snowbody Like You by Ariella Zoelle: A Book Review”

A Look Back on Books I read in 2022

I don’t know how 2022 was for you all, but for me it wasn’t great. Bookwise however, it’s been a whirlwind. I’ve read some absolute crackers but I’ve also read some not so great crackers. I’ve had more DNF this year than I’ve probably has in my life. Here’s a look back on what IContinue reading “A Look Back on Books I read in 2022”