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Bet On Love by Ariella Zoella : A Book Review

Blurb: Rhys Huntington Drunkenly eloping with my best man was never part of my wedding plans. Falling in love with him definitely wasn’t supposed to happen. But even though we’re both straight, the longer we’re married, the more I start to love Lucien as my husband and not just as my best friend. We’re supposedContinue reading “Bet On Love by Ariella Zoella : A Book Review”

Ecclesia’s Table by Mason S Haynie: A Book Review

Blurb: The world is a wasteland. It always has been. Moshe, Amaru, and Reenu have never known anything other than the desert wasteland that raised them. When the rumor arises that something other than barren landscape could be out there, the three of them make haste for an abundant future. Upon arrival at this establishedContinue reading “Ecclesia’s Table by Mason S Haynie: A Book Review”