Updated review: Weatherman by Price Doom

A few days ago, I wrote a review for Weatherman by Price Doom. I’m a busy little be at the moment as I am moving over 500 miles away on Tuesday and I’m currently still working a full time job! So, I know these are not valid excuses but I wrote my review for WeathermanContinue reading “Updated review: Weatherman by Price Doom”

22 Scars by C. M. North – A Book Review

***PLEASE NOTE – THIS BLOG COMES WITH A TRIGGER WARNING*** Blurb: Raised with apathy and spite, Amy’s life is a monotonous drone of deep despair, broken only by coffee and nights out with her best—and only—friend. She battles depression daily, fighting to keep her sanity in a world that, to her, is set on destroyingContinue reading “22 Scars by C. M. North – A Book Review”

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