Book Bargains: L J Swallows, Leigh Kelsey and Jadyn Chase

We all love a book bargain. Yes, I may have over 3000 books on my kindle waiting patiently to be read, and yes, I mayyy have 700 books on my bookshelves waitingly patiently to be read, but no, I can never have too many books. Especially when there are bargains like these. The Ravenhold SupernaturalContinue reading “Book Bargains: L J Swallows, Leigh Kelsey and Jadyn Chase”

New Book Drop: Monsters Awakened by L. J. Swallows

Hello Lizards! How are you all doing today? I’m writing today to let you know that L.J. Swallows is now accepting pre-orders for book one of the new Ruthless Dark series. You may know L.J. Swallows from some of her previous work; The Nightfall Academy Series, The Four Horsemen Series and the Ravenhold Trilogy, toContinue reading “New Book Drop: Monsters Awakened by L. J. Swallows”

New Book Drop: One Savage Knight by Holly Roberds

Holly Roberds, originally from Colorado but now living life in New Hampshire, is an author delving into the genres of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Apocalyptic Fantasy, to name but a few. Holly started her writing career by creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Terminator romantic fanfic. Now, it is unclear at this time whetherContinue reading “New Book Drop: One Savage Knight by Holly Roberds”

New Book Drop: Built to Sin by Natalie Haigh

Built to Sin is the debut novel and first book in the Sins and Secrets Series by brand new author Natalie Haigh. Built to Sin dabbles in a number of genres including urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Natalie’s inspiration for this book came from reading ‘The Afterlife Saga’ by author Stephanie Hudson and from thatContinue reading “New Book Drop: Built to Sin by Natalie Haigh”

Interview with an Author: Wendy L. Anderson

I’m here today with the incredible and talented Wendy L. Anderson. Wendy is the author of an epic five book series; Kingdom of Jior, and two standalone novels; Ulrik and A Cut Twice As Deep. Thank you so much for joining me today Wendy. After reading your novels, I absolutely can not wait to readContinue reading “Interview with an Author: Wendy L. Anderson”

Watchers in the Night by Jenna Black: A Book Review

#1 of The Guardians of the Night Series Blurb: They hunt in every major city, hidden by the crows, shielded by disbelief. They are Killers, and their prey is human. But not all vampires are Killers. The Guardians of the Night sacrifice the superior physical and psychic strength that comes with feeding on humans toContinue reading “Watchers in the Night by Jenna Black: A Book Review”