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GeeLiz Reads: Audiobooks on my TBLT (To be listened to?) List

I’m not going to lie, audiobooks are not my favourite thing. I often space out and then realise I’ve missed the majority of the chapter. I’ve only ever listened to one Audiobook and that was the first Outlander book. Here’s what I have left to listen to on my expired Audible subscription… Afterlife, The QuarterContinue reading “GeeLiz Reads: Audiobooks on my TBLT (To be listened to?) List”

Book Tag: 3 Bookish Things

I found this Book Tag through Millay’s Musings post. The Rules: The post doesn’t seem to have any rules, but I’m going to tag as many of my fellow book bloggers as possible 🙂 I won’t be offended if you don’t answer the questions yourself and if you don’t want to be tagged in futureContinue reading “Book Tag: 3 Bookish Things”