Whom The Gods Love by M.M. Perry: A Book Review

Blurb: Harpy infested plains. Dark and foreboding forests. Beasts of myth and legend. All must be conquered by Cass and her small band before they can ask the favor of a God. From the Plains of the Dead Gods all the way to the Temple of Oshia, a mercurial God who promises to grant anyContinue reading “Whom The Gods Love by M.M. Perry: A Book Review”

Voracious Readers – TBR Books

As well as all the books I have on my shelves, on my kindle and all the books I am asked to review, I also review for Voracious Readers. This has been put on the back burner recently though, thanks to my blog becoming more popular with author requests to review their work – whichContinue reading “Voracious Readers – TBR Books”

The House of Twelve by Sean Davies – A book Review

#1 of the House of Penance Series Blurb: Twelve strangers wake up in a strange house with no memory of how they got there, and barely any recollection of who they are. They quickly learn that there is no way out, scarcely enough food and water to go around, and eerie music plays constantly inContinue reading “The House of Twelve by Sean Davies – A book Review”

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