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Geeliz Reads: Favourite reads when I was a teen

The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer I think every teenager and her mother read these books and paved the way for complete vampire domination. Then came the movies that were soooooo bad, they were good. Reading these books as a teen, you can’t help but feel jealous of Bella. She’s got these two hotties afterContinue reading “Geeliz Reads: Favourite reads when I was a teen”

The Finisher by David Baldacci : A Book Review

Blurb: Welcome to Wormwood: a place where curiosity is discouraged and no one has ever left. Until one girl, Vega Jane, discovers a map that suggests a mysterious world beyond the walls. A world with possibilities and creatures beyond her imagining. But she will be forced to fight for her freedom. And unravelling the truthContinue reading “The Finisher by David Baldacci : A Book Review”

Holiday Books: What shall I read in Scotland?

I’m going to Scotland tomorrow! So excited! We are travelling the west coast this time so it’s going to take about a 10 hour drive to our first destination, Loch Shiel, and then after a night there, it’s gonna take another 10-12 hours to get to our final destination (not the movie), Thurso. Extremely excited!Continue reading “Holiday Books: What shall I read in Scotland?”

I found my Kindle – What’s on there?

I honestly can not remember the last time I read a book on my Kindle. I’ve always preferred holding a real book and flipping the pages than holding a device and pressing a screen/button for my next page, so when I lost my kindle, I wasn’t actually too bothered. My pal (also a book reviewerContinue reading “I found my Kindle – What’s on there?”