50 Followers Reached – Thank you!

On the 12th of February, I decided I was going to start blogging book reviews. I’d wanted to do it years earlier but somebody pulled me down and put me off it. Thanks to an amazing friend and fellow book blogger/reviewer’s (Swords & Spectres) encouragement and help setting my page up, here I am!

I actually can not believe that in just over two months I have managed to reach 50 followers. This is what I wanted to achieve by the end of the year! I am overjoyed and I just want to thank each and everyone of you. I also just want to say that I love the posts you all write too and I have learnt so much from you all.

I think my biggest achievements within this last two months are:

Finding myself on a ginormous list of fellow book bloggers (I nearly typed blok boogers then, haha!) created by the amazing Sofii (A Book. A Thought). The list of which you can find here – The Definitive Book Blogger List πŸ“’

Being contacted by authors for me to review their work.

Interviewing the talented Charis Bell who just so happened to be my very first Author Interview. Not only that but the interview is my highest viewed post to date.

Messaging authors with their reviews and making their day. This is an absolutely amazing feeling because as those who personally know me knows that I love making people happy. This doesn’t mean that I give good reviews regardless of whether the book deserves it, I just feel I’m quite lucky in the sense I’ve not read a bad book recently. I was blocked recently by an author for giving them a 3.5 out of 5; I actually rounded this up on Goodreads as you can’t give half stars on there.

My review of Ulrik by Wendy L. Anderson being shared on Instagram by RomanceNovelAddictsAnonymous which has a following of over 1000 people. I couldn’t quite believe it! This makes me really proud of myself as I feel if my reviews are being shared then surely I’m quite good at what I am doing… right?

Finally, the reason for this post in the first place… I’ve reached 50 Followers. I am so happy about it. I would say that I was excited when I got my 1st follower but I wasn’t because that was my friend. I expected him to follow me, if he didn’t then I would have been having words, ha! When the 2nd follower came, and the 3rd, and it just kept on growing I just couldn’t stop smiling! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

My next milestone – 100 Followers. I would love to reach that by my 1st year anniversary.

Thanks for reading.

Gee Liz ❀

4 thoughts on “50 Followers Reached – Thank you!

  1. Congratulations!

    Keep spreading your joy! Keep sharing your thoughts and never mind the blockers! I have respected every 3 star review and you will meet others who do too.

    I am happy to have (virtually) met you! Hope you reach that 100 soon!


  2. Woo πŸ™‚

    Ahh, I’m not on the book blogger’s list … Darn, I always thought I was rather definitive 😦

    There’s been a thing on twitter recently about authors getting arsey over 4 star reviews. I think those kind of people just need to get in touch with vanity presses and write for themselves. They have no business mixing with actual people.


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