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Book Drop : Arianne the Mistress by Wendy L Anderson

Ohhhhhhhhhh my gosh! I have been waiting for this book FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE! Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but it has felt that way since I finished Killian the Assassin, Book 1 of The Legengs of Everclearing Series.

I have to say, Wendy L Anderson continues to surprise me. The first book I ever read of Wendy’s was A Cut Twice as Deep and WOW… seriously one of the best books I have ever read. Anderson’s work just keeps getting better and better and I really don’t know how it is possible.

I’m lucky enough to have an advanced copy of Arianne the Mistress so, I’m going to go and read this RIGHT NOW and will be back in the next day or two with an honest review!

Promotional Poster for Arianne the Mistress by Wendy L Anderson


Arianne will stop at nothing to escape life as a prostitute, even committing murder.

She’s not just the Mistress of the Maiden’s Bower brothel, but a temptress and an alchemist. Arianne creates a euphoric and addictive elixir that she uses to give pleasure or bring death. Her seductive powers are legendary, and everyone wants a piece of the beautiful, Arianne.

Lord Elkan Torrent, her regular client at the brothel, has secrets of his own. Forced to reveal what is best left unknown, he has to leave her and travel his fated path. Arianne quickly learns not everything is revealed and the truth is not always as it seems.

Running from the life she hates; Arianne avoids prosecution for her crimes and travels far across the sea to seek forgiveness for breaking Lord Torrent’s trust and spurning his love. There were rules she broke, battles she lost, and triumph in surrender.

Blind hope drives Arianne to find out the truth as she faces the uncertainty of love while he battles for his life in a never-ending war. How far will she go to assuage a broken heart? As far as the legendary land of Everclearing.

Arianne the Mistress finds out if trust can be regained, love revived, and redemption won.

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