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The Cottage in the Highlands by Julie Shackman: A Book Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


When Leonie Baxter finds herself out of a job and out of a relationship, she’s at her wits end. Her life has just been turned upside down and she needs a plan, fast.

By chance, on a walk with her rescue puppy, Leonie stumbles across a striking house in the woods; fully furnished but unoccupied. As a journalist, she is determined to find out more, after all, reporting is in her nature.

But her attempts are thwarted by Lily Cruickshank who lives in the cottage next door. Why won’t Lily help Leonie? And who is the mysterious Flynn Talbot, whose letter Leonie finds inside the house?

And in uncovering the secrets of the abandoned house, will Leonie open her own heart and let love back into her life?

My thoughts: I got this book on an amazon deal, I think it was a ‘first reads’ pick through my prime benefit. It jumped out at me because I moved to the highlands last year but I was surprised when I found out that the cottage is close to Glasgow. I thought the cottage would at least be somewhere closer to Inverness.

Besides that, I found that the story started off very well. The author managed to create an array of characters who were very distinct. I liked Leonie, she made me laugh at times. The love interest, who came in at around half way through the book seemed more real, but was a complete jerk to begin with. He did grow on me but I felt like the romance between them went from enemies to lovers way to quick, so not much of a transition.

There was a lot of mystery to the story which made me keep turning the page, hence reading the book in a day. I would think that I had solved the mystery a number of times but each time I was wrong.

The part that let the book down for me was the ending. It all seemed slightly rushed and a unrealistic. I also noticed that a huge chunk of dialogue towards the end was just redigested stuff from the rest of the book which the reader already knew about.

Overall, it ewas enjoyable and I would recommend it as an easy read.

Thanks for reading,

Geeliz Reads ❤


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